Monday, August 26, 2013

Underrated Anime Series: Yu Yu Hakusho

When I look at that picture I get mixed feelings. I'm happy because I love this series, its my favorite anime. I'm sad because its been done for the last 18 years. And then I feel enjoyment because I love this sereis and nothing will ever beat it. Not Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, or Hunter X Hunter. Even though I love Hunter X Hunter. Togashi has two of the greatest series in the last 18 years. But enough about me praising the series, its time to get down to business. Oh and Yu Yu Hakusho is better than Dragon Ball Z. If you don't think so we can talk about it. Find me on Twitter at @TyieheTheTyrant, comment below, and Facebook at Tyrone Dismuke.

The reason this is an underrated series is because people rarely talk about. The people that really talk about it are huge fans of the anime. People who just saw or read it saw its good but they never really got into it. Which is sad because it had a lot to offer. Dragon Ball Z totally over shadowed this series with its long 2 episode standoffs. The anime had better animation, one of the greatest English dubs ever, better fights, when they did fight it actually meant something than just fighting to get stronger or because its for the Earth, and it had far better characters. The only person who had character development in DBZ was Vegeta. Everyone else either stayed the same or were never seen again like Tien and Launch. But let me get off this topic because I'm thinking about talking about DBZ later.

But YYH had great characters that had development and you loved them no matter what. For instance, Kuwabara is the only human out of the four and never had as much power as them but that didn't stop him fighting power full as demons. The same goes for Leorio from Hunter X Hunter. He didn't let the fact that he's nothing but a Doctor stop him from trying to fight Hisoka.I have mad respect for these humans who fight demons and people with super powers. I have no respect for Krillin who has powers and can't hold his own in a fight and always runs away. When Yusuke fough Toguro for Genkai and Kuwabara it was amazing. Besides these two wanting to fight it had a lot on the line. Toguro killed Genkai and we all thought he killed Kuwabara so Yusuke got super mad and went in on Toguro. It was epic because like I said, it was more than a fight. Yusuke's pride and heart were on the line. Now that I think about it it was like that in all his fights. That's why they were so good. When has Goku ever had his pride and heart on the line in a fight in DBZ. The only great fights in DB were in DB. DBZ only had one good fight and that was Majin Vegeta vs Goku.

You had so much respect for the characters in YYH because they frankly really didn't give a fuck. They would fight no matter what. I fucking love these characters, every last one of them. YYH had no useless characters unlike most series today. But all I'm really saying here is that anything you have for DBZ I can counter it with YYH. Anything DBZ has YYH has better. Don't think so. try to prove it to me. This is it for now. I don't know how much longer I can say YYH is better than DBZ. You know the usual, like comment, all that good shit. See Ya!


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