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10 Characters Wearing Heroic Sunglasses

Today we bring you a guest post from , a writer who's interested in Asian culture and anything art and design-related. I hope you'll give her a warm HeroMachine welcome!

A typical superhero wears form-fitting clothes, a cape, and a mask to complete their image but characters are now tweaking their signature look. While most superheroes hide their identities under a mask, there are those who prefer to give a hint while still leaving an air of mystery.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Animes i have seen

All the anime/manga i have watched/ read. Okay this won't be exact because i have watched and read A LOT of different series so this is me trying to remember

* Bleach

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Progress This Season

Well, I figure that my dear readers deserve to know how I have been occupying myself recently with anime, so I have decided to write a post on my general progress.Some older shows with which I have been dallying are Hunter x Hunter, a series of shorts named Sparrow's Hotel (completed in one evening), Majestic Prince, The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye, Solty Rei, and Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk.At last, I've almost finished with the original Hunter x Hunter, having just watched Kurapica's major battle with one of the Spiders gang.It was so pleasant to see the god-like and glorious victory over a certain murdering blackguard-whatever his name is-that I have difficulty putting my feelings to words.Sparrow's Hotel is a great comedy about a kunoichi working at a midsized hotel, which I heartily recommend to anyone needing a laugh.I'm still trying to finish off Majestic Prince, which has to be one of the greatest mech shows of recent years-I place it next to Code Geass.You might know that two of those last three shows figure on my top fifty list, and hence deserve their own posts.Tower of Druaga is a great fantasy, and the first episode alone, which parodies fantasy anime in a grand style, suffices to give it a large place in any otaku's heart.

But, now onto some brief descriptions of this season's shows.I still have to get around to Samurai Flamenco and Coppelion, but I expect to accomplish this soon.At any rate, my ability to keep up with new shows is much the highest since 2009.That says something about the quality of this season!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Updates & Some Chit Chats

My last update was in August! That's how time flies! In between August and October, loads of stuff had happened. I'm away from home most days of the week for work and some of my family members are facing health scares so much time was spent taking care/paying attention to them when I'm home. It's like I totally understand how sometimes people - even huge anime fans - would slipped behind a few months because there are so much things going on.

Sometimes, just sometimes, other things take precedence over hobbies.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Future of the Shounen Battle/Action/Adventure Genre

I'm sure by now, most of you are familiar with this subsection of anime and manga. I know that shounen is a demographic which is aimed at boys, but over here in the United States it is often inadvertently identified as a genre for a large list of series which share similar characteristics. I tend to usually identify these series as Jump series since most of the titles people readily identify as shounen come from Jump, but in this article I'm going to have to broaden my explanation as their are other series such as Fairy Tail outside of that magazine that use the same formula. Typically, I would tend to define these series as being an action adventure series or a battle manga, but for the sake of this article, I'm going to be politically incorrect and classify these series as just "shounen" so everyone knows what I am talking about.

Now on to the content of this article.What is the future of shounen manga and anime? When most of us (at least in the United States) think of the classic anime that have withstood the test of time, most of them were in fact the battle shounens. When most people are asked what anime are considered "classics" or "must sees" many, if not all of these lists will include series such as: Dragon Ball, Hokuto no Ken, Saint Seiya,, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Rurouni Kenshin (I know that there are other technical shounen series such as Slam Dunk, but I'm focusing on the subsection like Dragon Ball that the American audience readily identifies as shounen).

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Terrorist plots. Blackmail with a sister's life at risk. The emotional toll of childhood abuse. Adorable, invisible penguins.

Naruto Shippuuden 335 October 24, 2013 Naruto Manga 651 October 16, 2013 Bleach 367 is unknown

Naruto Shippuuden 335 October 24, 2013 Naruto Manga 651 October 16, 2013 Bleach 367 is unknown - when? (Broadcast suspended) Bleach Manga 553 October 16, 2013 Fairy Tail 176 is unknown - when? (Broadcast suspended) Fairy Tail Manga 356 October smurf village game 18, 2013 One Piece 617 October 20, 2013 One Piece Manga 725 October 16, 2013 Hunter X Hunter 100 15-16 October smurf village game 2013 Kuroko's Basketball 3 October 20, 2013 Avatar: The Legend of Korra July 192013 - ------------------------------- Full Schedule

The remaining friends

Dragonball, Naruto, and One Piece at Shonen Jump's J-World Theme Park in Ikebukuro

During the summer of 2012 a brand new indoor theme park opened up at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro Tokyo.It looks like Bandai/Namco run this property that is all about the Weekly Shonen Jump characters that have helped make anime and manga famous around the world.

Major attractions include themed areas with rides/activities forOne Piece, Naruto, and Dragonball.Entrance is 1300 yen for adults and 1000 yen for children at opening and some rides look like they cost extra.I haven't been there myself, but might pop in for a look see the next time I'm in town.This amusement park occupies the third floor of the Import Mart building there and here is just a brief rundown on the various attractions.

Otaku post

Hello readers, today I'm talking about anime (animated cartoons) :D, I really like it this animated series because the history of them are very freaky, funniest and some of them have a big argument behind. This passion rise when I was a little kid and I spent all my time watching the Tv Show "El club de los tigritos" (after call "Invasion"). In this Tv show I watch anime like "Doraemon", "Digimon", "Pokemon", "Slam Dunk", "Shaman King", "Hunter x Hunter", "Evangelion", etc... That was really nice time because I watch all this series after school... I'ts was a kind of relax formula.

Until this days I'm still watching anime on internet. On this days I'm watching Hunter x Hunter, one of my favorite, his argument is about a child (Gon) seeking his father (Ging) and on his way he meets 3 best friends (Killua, Kurapica and Leorio) that support him to get through different challenges. This anime like me a lot because tack about friendship and the will to make things happens. In few words, is about the determination to getting success in something that you really want. I think similar animated series are Shaman King, Doraemon, Digimon and Pokemon. In all of these, the implicit argument is "go out and make some friends, because they will help you in the future".. and that is a nice advice. As you see it, I like a lot the anime related to friendship.

I must say that given the desire Sasuke

Naruto Shippuuden 335 October 24, 2013 Naruto Manga 651 October 16, 2013 Bleach 367 is unknown - when? (Broadcast suspended) Bleach Manga 553 October 16, 2013 Fairy Tail 176 is unknown - when? (Broadcast suspended) Fairy Tail Manga 356 October 18, 2013 One Piece 617 October 20, 2013 One Piece Manga 725 October 16, 2013 Hunter X Hunter 100 15-16 October 2013 Kuroko's Basketball 3 October 20, 2013 Avatar: The Legend of Korra July 192013 - ------------------------------- Full Schedule

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Small opinions of my otaku randomness about Summer 2013 Anime(s)

Sorry guys for more than 1 week no blogging, my internet connection was suck lately. TToTT

Ok, let's start!

Knowing the animes for this summer have already ended, i feel regret yet feel grateful too! Regretting that my beloved series end too fast, just 11 till 13 episodes, when I want them be 24 till 26 episodes or even more. Nevertheless, many anticipated last season animes will be continuing as well, like Magi -The Kingdom of Magic-, Kuroko no Basket, and Valvrave the Liberator. I watched those three so I'm hyped waiting!!! I also intend to watched Super Seishun Brothers and pupa. Just those 2 new titles that catch my heart.Here, I share what I feel for reminding myself for ever watching and loving Summer 2013 Animes (because I have a very accute short-term memory, I guess --a). And also, I rethink again for fast-reviewing the summer animes first before I ever telling people about next anime(s).

Ethnographic Study Assignment



Monday, October 14, 2013

Anime Girls I'd F**k Book: Page 3

Haru - Mushibugyo

Just look at her boobs. Them some big ass tities. Haru's a sweet and nice girl so imagine all the dirty things I could do to her. I could tie her up and just plow the mess out of her. Then I'd just massage her breast and lick all over them. I can suck on those breast for days. I'll get all the calcium I need.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn 2013 Kaleidoscope

I'll try to post these entries on Sunday Evening. They're just a collection of impressions about the series I watched that I didn't blog. No rankings, no systems, just raw impressions and opinions. Enjoy.

HUNTER X HUNTER 96 - 99: Hunter X Hunter reached another one of its annoying phases again. The context of these four episodes was wonderful. I love what the creators are trying to do here in the big picture. The inrigues that come from all kinds of sides, some characters being really careful in their approaches in order to win. Great. But what happened in these four episodes was completely inconsequential in which the named cast just one-sidedly takes down a bunch of ants with weird powers. The part with the spiders was fine: it actually showed lots of new things about them, and gave them much appreciated depth, and the ants they took down were ants we know. However, Gon's battle against that snake, bat and was really annoying to sit through and just served to kill some time. Not to mention that that fight just made no sense and it was way too overcomplicated for its own good.

Autumn 2013 Episode Rankings

It's Autumn! The last season of 2013, which on the whole has been a great year for anime! Will anything this season leave as much of an impression as Attack on Titan? Only time will tell

Narrowing down so many new series to just sixteen (plus the ever-present SPACE BROTHERS and HUNTER X HUNTER) was difficult, and the list I present to you here bears almost no resemblance to the ones I scribbled down pre-season with only synopses and trailers to go by, but hopefully none of them will disappoint. And if they do, I'll just drop them mid-season, maybe in favour of Pupa (if it eventually airs).

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Thoughts About: Magi The Labyrinth of Magic

I just finished watching this awesome anime series yesterday and I can't really properly say how much I enjoyed it! It's been a while since I was able to find an anime that I marathon-ed within two days just to finish. Magi is a story about the adventures of two friends, Aladdin and Alibaba. I love that the series shows the importance of unconditionalfriendship and unfaltering loyalty. The story tells us the many destinies changed and created by the bonds formed by these two. Although the story offers excitement and sometimes laughter to people, it also has its own fair share of darkness caused by poverty and injustice that is being experienced by people from different countries. This anime reminded me so much of various anime series that I grew up watching and loving like Hunter X Hunter, Fairy Tail and a bit of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Aladdin and Alibaba's friendship reminded me so much of Gon and Killua's from HxH. They travel together in their many adventures and depended on each other while facing obstacles on their travels. In my opinion, Aladdin is very similar to Gon especially their kindness and naivety. They both appear as their partners' strength and guide in times of confusion and weakness. Although Alibaba's a bit different from Killua's personality, they are similar in the sense of wanting to protect and be with their friend. Also, the constant use of fire and ice magic reminded me so much of Fairy Tail. Judal, one of the magi(s), appeared a lot similar to Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster and Midnight. Judal is the one in the far left, Midnght is the one in the middle and Gray is in the far right. They kinda look similar, ne?

Monday, October 7, 2013

On choosing and continuing anime series

I watch a lot of anime. Not as much as those people who marathon late into the night, but a good amount. After a while, you come across the problem of, do I continue to watch this? There are different ways to deal with this. Asking it in the beginning of a series, some people have a 3 episode rule, always watching the first 3 before deciding. Another is to watch the first episode, and see if theres anything you like. Often this is combined with the 3 rule. Some watch the whole series regardless, because it bothers them not to finish, or they keep saying, but it could get good. Its often a good idea to look at the review if you are in doubt. Usually the majority can tell you if its worth watching or not. But sometimes stuff you'd really like is specific to you, and most people dont think its spectacular. For me that was shows like school rumble, where I'd be laughing uncontrollably at it almost every episode. But it doesnt seem to be that way for some people. Ultimately only you know whether you'd enjoy it. Pacing is important. Some shows change pace as they catch up to their manga source. Like one piece now is 1 episode= 1 chapter. Hunter X Hunter is still at 2-3 chapters an episode. Slower can mean more in depth, more often meaning drawn out scenes, which sometimes have a bit more detail to them since the timeslot has to be filled.

Hoarding anime you are going to watch, is it a good idea? I used to think so, afraid I'd forget. But time passes, and as you go through the list sometimes you don't care about what you did before. And it gets huge. I used to have to scrap my list every year because itd get too large. Now I realize it was just a thing to give me false security that I'd remember to watch it later. If you really want to see it, I feel you'll remember. Watching anime, do you do other things at the same time? I used to, but then it was harder to judge if I really wanted to see the series or not. So now I make it full screen, and unless I have a good reason for moving to another thing, I have to scrap the series if I close the window. If I find it too boring, I throw it in a bookmark folder called revive?, and give it time. If I forget about it, then its gone.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall 2013: Strike the Blood

I don't know why, with a title like Strike the Blood, that I didn't think that this show would be about vampires. At first glance, the world seems like it's completely normal. But once you get about seven minutes in, you realize that magic and demons area natural part of the world, as a PA system announces that an abnormal magical surge has been detected. To top that all off, something called the Fourth Progenitor is coming.

Image source:

Really trying to commit...

I'll be returning to the States to start school in two day. Since I'm all packed, I think I should just make a quick update.

As of now, I'm sampling some Anime's. Generally watching 2-3 episodes, then deciding on which ones to continue watching. I went on an Anime watching hiatus for the past 2 years. Only recently found out there was a new Hunter x Hunter series, and started watching it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The "My Doctor" theory/ trope: a blog entry on Weekly Shounen Jump manga

I mentioned in my last blog entry (The Wonder Woman special), something I described as "The "My" Doctor trope". Basically, to clarify, the trope refers to the point in a series where somebody really gets into it, or where a series has various versions (for example Dr. Who and each individual Doctor being someone's "My Doctor", hence the trope name).

My next few blog entries will be variants on this theme. In this blog entry I will be looking at some of the Shounen Jump manga I have read, regardless of if I still like them or NOT cough Naruto and Bleach cough. This is about the points at which I began to love them.


I couldn't sleep so I'll blog a bit on some significant events today.

I finally returned to Kickboxing after almost a month of laziness. Haha. I am more determined to lose weight this time! Tomorrow, we have badminton again so that makes it 4 badminton sessions and 1 kickboxing session in a week. That's as active as I can get.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Overview of the past Half Year

Inspiration can both be a blessing, and a curse. It's awesome to have, but often likes to strike at the most inconvenient moments. So hereby I present a list of my impressions of the series of the past half year. I've been feeling guilty for a while knowing that I can't write a full review for all of them, so hereby an overview, in order of how much I like them. With the ones that I finished I included their final rating. Also enjoy the big pictures.

And yes this is about the past half year. As in, the most recent six month, otherwise known as the series that aired in the spring and summer season. Not the winter season. Just the past six months.