Friday, November 29, 2013

In One Week, In Two Weeks

Next week, Marvel launches Inhumanity by MATT FRACTION and OLIVER COIPEL. Avatar Press launches GARTH ENNIS's new book about dogs in the apocalypse, Red Rover Charlie, as well as the Absolution Happy Kitty oneshot.

And in two weeks? The launch of Justice League 3000, Sinister Dexter, Indestructible, Dead Body Road, Krampus, Inhumanity Awakening and Marvel Knights Hulk

HUNTER X HUNTER 2011 (Remake)

HUNTER X HUNTER 2011's Official Logo

Yosh! Now, I gonna tell you about HUNTER X HUNTER!

Blood Lad: Shonen Action Done Right

Blood Lad is the story of a vampire named Staz.He is an otaku that is obsessed with the human world, specifically Japan.Everything he knows about Japan he learned from watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games.One of his dreams is to meet a person from Japan.Lucky for Staz (unlucky for her), Fuyumi Yanagi somehow manages to accidentally cross over from the human world to the demon world.Staz rescues her from the gang of demons that are on the verge of eating her, he takes her back to his home and immediately starts grilling her about Japan.He gets called away briefly and when he returns he is shocked to find out that she has been eaten by a carnivorous plant in his absence.She becomes a ghost since she died in the demon world and Staz vows to resurrect her physical body and return her to normal.

What makes this show special is that it manages to take a lot of the elements that make fighting anime fun and exciting and condense them into ten solid, well-paced episodes.There is plenty of fanservice but it's not as excessive as similar shows.The characters are developed well for being such a brief series and the action scenes are short but intense.Brains Base (Penguindrum, Baccano!) provides the animation, everything is consistent from start to finish and the world they created is filled with many vibrant colors.If Blood Ladis on the TV you can't help but be drawn to it, it is very eye-catching.The music is well crafted also, it fits the mood of the show and gets your heart pumping when super powered demons are trading blows with one another.If you're a fan of shows like Dragon Ball Z, Hunter X Hunter, YuYu Hakusho, etc. then you definitely owe it to yourself to giver Blood Lad a shot.My only complaint is that another season has yet to be announced.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Autumn 2013 Episode Rankings

Week 5! We're almost at the time of the season when I look at my watching list, drop the series that's impressing me the least, and replace it with one of the many other new anime that didn't make my initial list for whatever reason. The problem is, I like all of the 18 shows I picked up this time! So instead, I'll be adding a 19th series starting next week, and won't drop anything. I don't know which series it'll be yet, but I have at least 12 to choose from, so hopefully one of them will leave a better impression on me second time around.

For now though, here's my rankings for the usual 18 series. A week of mostly lacklustre episodes, in my opinion

Dragon Ball Z, episodes 1-5

I guess the decision to watch Dragon Ball Z before I watched the first season (Dragon Ball) is quite weird. But I wanted to see whether or not it is possible to enjoy the series as a separate show. People say it is possible. Some say it is not. Well, here is my answer.

Even if you have never seen Dragon Ball or any other incarnation of the series, you probably know who he is. Goku.

Zola's Reflections

Great fanart by BakaMeko at

Yes. That's right. The series I want to talk about today is Konjiki no Gash!! aka Zatch Bell for the NA audience written by Raiku Makoto. For all those who know Gash but never took the chance to actually watch/read it, there's probably a lot of bad misconceptions about how childish it appears. Having been introduced to it by a friend a few years ago, I decided to give it a go after my first experience with the horrible dub. After watching 150 episdoes ish and then reading the manga which continued with the plot, Konjiki no Gash!! became my favourite Shounen series of all time.In a world filled with Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail, etc , to me, Konjiki no Gash!! excels at what I value in a Shounen series and does it in such a way that I can't compare it to any of the other Shounen series.

Winter Season Preview

This season. It feels like a spring or autumn season is coming. Perhaps not a big one, but I'm surprised by the amount of solid titles that are coming out. There are quite a number of series I'm looking out for, plus also a few that already have the potential to become the best of the year unless the competition really ramps it up. We're in for an interesting season, that's the least. Unfortunately, there also are a lot of really bland series coming up. It's a season of extremes.


Fall Season 2013 Mid-Impressions

Obligatory season post.

Manly edition even.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Top Anime Series

A list of my favourite anime series. It will be continuously updated.

The first 5 series are my top 5, but after that, I just list them in no particular order. All are really good anime series that I would recommend.

Friday, November 1, 2013

New "Hunter x Hunter" Movie Visual Revealed

It's been announced that Hunter X Hunter: Last Mission, the second film adaptation of 's manga, is set to premiere in Japanese theaters on December 27. From its earliest promos, it's clear that Chairman Netero would play a major role in this movie. In latest movie visual on Shonen Jump's new preview, a younger version of Netero is shown!

Hunter x Hunter: The Last Missio revolves around the dark side of the Hunter Association and the countless crimes it has committed under the radar of normal society. Now everything is illuminated and the crimes of the Hunter Association and its chairman Isaac Netero have been uncovered, how will Gon and Killua react to the true nature of the hunters?