Monday, September 30, 2013

Final Thoughts: Summer 2013

Final Thoughts: Summer 2013 Anime Season

A new anime season is upon us, and that means it is time to look back at the season we must leave. And what a season it was. There was some gold this season, some shows that I am really disappointed that we will have to leave, and some stuff I don't mind forgetting about. Next season might be a mystery, but let's first look at the shows that I will be continuing to watch into the fall anime season.

#NowWatching: Anime Series

Because I promised myself to watch anime more regularly, I will be posting the ones I am watching on a monthly basis - also so that I can keep track of the ones I've finished, just for the hell of it. For this month, I only started on 3 - all of which are ongoing so I cannot tag them as complete just yet.

These are not anime reviews, so don't expect me to talk about each anime in detail.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Summer 2013 Episode Rankings

After giving it some thought, I arrived at the same conclusion that I did over the last few seasons - this will be the final Summer episode rankings post. While over half of what I'm watching will be airing for a 13th week, I feel that losing five series from the usual lineup is enough to justify ending it here. That, and next week will overlap with the start of the new season, so I'll probably be otherwise occupied.

As ever, if anyone wants to know my final thoughts on any of the series that are going on for 13 episodes, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll get back to you when I've finished them.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Uchuu Kyoudai

The past four episodes: character-development. It's slow and steady, but definitely there, and in all kinds of forms. Mutta changed and finally realized his strengths, gaining lots of confidence from it, and also becoming mature enough to forgive his former employer that he gave the Zidane, Sharon's condition subtly gets worse, the chief of Nasa gets some unexpected background (also I love that small scene of a young Deneil Young). And whoa, Hibito actually left with a big post-traumatic stress disorder after what happened on the moon.

I like that recently, the series has at least remembered to be varied: a few months ago I remember complaining that the arcs take too long, and that the series got too monotone. This arc again solves this by focusing on many things at the same time, so that we're not just stuck with just one scenario. It's still nowhere near the levels of the first 40 episodes, but I can't deny that these events really pushed the characters further.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer 2013 Episode Rankings

Not late, by some miracle or other! I'm so shocked, I can't think of anything to write here! *that excuse never gets old~*

A couple of things worth mentioning though: firstly, no this week (not too surprising by this point), and secondly, series are starting to end! Just one this week, and by the looks of things not a lot are finishing at 12 episodes either, so these rankings may go on for a rare 13th week!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hunter X Hunter : Phantom Rouge (2013) Review

This was not really an exciting movie for me overall. Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime series of all time. Well, for me that is. But I am pretty sure it ranks high up on the best anime list.

It has been quite a long time since I saw a good episode or movie of it. The best fight in the series was when Killua's dad and grandfather were ordered to assassinate the head of the Phantom Troupe, but was cut short because orders were changed. That was a pretty good fight indeed.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Good Realization after Movie marathon :)

oh yess! sincei was bored about my daily routine. and my life here in office. so!? i felt that i was paid off to do some lazy stuff here. hahaha ~GO FOR MOVIE MARATHON ^^ my unproductive dayssss

im so inlove about animated movies. feeling that i can be a child even once more and for a moment while watching it. giggling and smirking every single funny scene and feeling excited every journey and adventures of a main characters. And can't wait my self to be excited anticipating the overwhelming ending , is the best part of a movie for me.

Monday, September 16, 2013

One Piece: Film Z


I'll be honest, I didn't expect myself to be seeing this film as early as I did, though part of me wishes that I hadn't due to the downright shitty video quality, but I'll get on that in a bit. Really the big questions are these: Is Film Z a good movie and does it Surpass Strong World?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hunter x Hunter Phantom Rouge

You know, when I was reflecting on the movies I was looking forward to seeing, I told this to myself "No matter what One Piece did, Hunter would probably top it somehow" Heck, I thought this was going to be the best one out of the four...and yet it wound up being my least favorite film out of the four.

As with last time, I'm assuming most of you have seen the movie already as well as have an Idea as to what Hunter X Hunter is, but I will give you a basic synopsis: It's every fangirl's fanfic ever-made Kurapika's lost his eyes to a friend that's supposed to be a dead Kurata tribe member and Gon and Killua head out to figure who took them and get them back.


Woots. Anime! I found this on tumblr which I think it would be fun to do. But yet, I am not very active over at tumblr, so why not just do it here. And instead of going by the days, I should just do one-shot (since I don't know how to answer some of them). Here goes!

1: Very first anime you watched.Well, if you count Pokemon as an anime, then I guess I have been watching it since 5? Pokemon, Digimon, Yugi-oh, Beyblade you name it. (During that era) But the very famous shounen first anime (not-so-kiddy one) that I watched would be bleach, in the year 2005. THAT'S PRETTY LONG AGO...

2: Favourite anime you've watched so far.SO HARD TO ANSWER THIS ONE. But there's one period I fell in love with Fairytail. Though I didn't know when I stopped following the anime (cause I was wayyyyyy ahead from reading the manga) it became kind of boring to me. Hence, no longer much of a favourite. :P

5 14!!! BEWARE!!! SOME SERIOUS FANGIRLING AHEAD!!! (Arashi's anniversary!!!)


After confirming I wasn't the only one confused about the real date of Friendship and Love Day because of the mixed signals sent by the media (see related post ), I feel so much more motivated to write something else!!! And yes, it will involve fangirling!!! So sit down and enjoy my fangirl moment (you are allowed to laugh at me or puke if I get too kimochi warui for your taste). Just imagine I look like this right now:

Fairy Tail and My Tendency to Avoid Long Series

As you know, my dear readers, I like catharsis in an anime.Somehow catharsis has come to mean a kind of purgation of feeling which is supposed to follow upon watching drama; yet, Aristotle originally meant to mean conciseness in a story, as my Greek professor in college, Dr. Joseph Garnjobst, avers.One of the surest ways for a series to lack catharsis is for it to stretch on and on.Series longer than 27 episodes usually lose focus and contain plenty of filler episodes, which cause me to become annoyed and ofttimes drop the series altogether.For example, without a friend of mine's rabid love of D. Gray Man, I probably would have been fed up with the overdramatization which occurs around episode 60 and left off there.In the case of the original Hunter x Hunter, I have less than ten episodes to go, but have somehow not found the opportunity to just sit down and finish off the show.

From stickfigureparadise of


Another week has come and gone anime and manga and what is chronicled below are the series, anime and manga that i came across in these seven days and what i thought of them. Feel free to tell us about your week in anime and manga, how far you have gone in whatever series you follow and so on. I for one would like to know what to avoid or pursue.

ANIME---KAMISAMA NO INAI NICHIYOUBI- This is the best anime i have watched this week. The story follows a world where people no longer die. Sure you can kill them, but once dead they revive as the undead, not zombies i might add, simply not dead. As one of the characters, the awesome Humpnie Herbert said, all blowing off their heads and limbs does is make them immobile.

Think Torchwood, which i don't watch but heard that they did a similar story line. Grave keepers are beings with special shovels. They are the only ones capable of giving the dead 'peace'; in other words an undead buried by a grave keeper finally finds rest. The conflicts arise from those that wish for death, despising themselves, and those that accept freely given immortality and hence seeking to murder the basically innocent emotionless grave keepers.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kin'youbi Mosaic: 9/13/13 Moe Didn't Change Edition

It's weekly rambling time again. News, commentary on stuff I'm watching, and other random stuff, it's all here. And again, "kin'youbi" is Japanese for Friday.So, some time ago, the following picture made its way around Tumblr:

Actually, pre-moe Bones is still pretty moe.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Re-introduction and notice that this blog will now be used for school purposes.

Hi, as you may know, I abandoned this blog long time ago but I am taking an online class right now and it requires me to have a blog - so guess what, I am picking up and writing on this blog again.

I will be posting homework here. Homework will mostly be responses to the readings assigned to us each week.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shipping: Gon x Killua (Hunter x Hunter)

Have I ever mentioned how I'm a fujoshi on the inside?

Many people have told that they like Hunter x Hunter. This is great to hear because HxH is awesome. Unfortunately, these same people tell me that they like the show because it is a "subversive" and "intelligent" shonen and frequently cite the Yorkshin arc as the best arc.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer 2013 Episode Rankings

These weekly rankings posts are getting later and later~ I was away over the bank holiday weekend, though, in a strange land without internet! Since getting back about 6 hours ago, I've already caught up with my emails and Facebook status updates, and have made a small dent in my Youtube video backlog. Catching up with almost a week's worth of anime may take a bit longer, however. Still, I have no other plans for the next few weeks, so hopefully I'll catch up soon and stay caught up.

Anyway, enough about me, more about anime! No again this week, and I'm not waiting for it this time. I just hope it hasn't gotten cancelled, as it so often jokes about!

Summer 2013 Episode Rankings

It was HUNTER X HUNTER and SPACE BROTHERS' turn to skip a week this time, but as usual I'm pretending that didn't happen, or else my weekly rankings would be full of gaps and inconsistent numbering. At least both episodes were worth the wait, and having two less to watch after a weekend away without internet made catching up that little bit easier.

Attack on Titan's pace might have slowed noticeably, but as long as the thrilling cliffhangers keep coming, it'll keep scoring highly!1 -(1)

Monday, September 2, 2013

My Favoite 30 Anime of All Time

So I was skimming a few anime blogs and decided to read their favorite 10, or 20, or 30 anime series of all time. I got to thinking about what I would consider my top however many anime series. So I decided to make a list. I am making some rules to this list. It has to be on my completed list on You can find my list here, . I will also include any series that I want on the favorites list that are more than 50 episodes and still running. I will also exclude movies and live action stuff. So here it is, my top 30 favorite anime of all time, until something better comes along. Note: much of this list will probably change depending on how I am feeling from day to day. Many series could easily just swap places with one another. Also there will probably be spoilers. But enough of that, onto the list!

30. Shrine of the Morning Mist: I first saw this series when I watched anime OnDemand. And it was weird. Magical shrine girls fighting against an age old curse to save the main heroines crush, who is also her cousin. And I think their grandmother is an immortal cat. But when I looked past the weirdness I saw surprisingly fun characters that grew with the series, and it was also just funny. For like a third of the series the girls think that the love interest is actually having a torrid affair with another male classmate, and the way they go about it is honestly funny. And the villains are so sympathetic, I think they became some of my favorite characters in the series. It is a bit of a guilty pleasure, as the incest romance makes thing awkward at the best of times, but still, it has its high moments and just makes me smile.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Scotland Loves Animation 2013 Festival Line-Up

On the day that , I report about this year's takes place in GLASGOW (OCTOBER 11TH-13TH) and EDINBURGH (OCTOBER 14TH-20TH). If the former bit of news is sad for the loss tat the film and anime world will suffer then the line-up offers positivity because these titles have so much imagination and originality that, even with the Miyazaki-sized hole in anime, great works will still be made.

The line-up features a lot of the biggest anime films released in Japan over the last two years. There are some genuinely lovely surprises like Fuse: A Gun Girl's Detective Story, Garden of Words, and Gusko Budori and some great surprises like Hal and Patema Inverted. Some of these films already have UK distribution deals and some are classics that are getting re-released.

Who love knows no death, because film tom and jerry the love of immortality, or rather, the divine

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