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HUNTER X HUNTER 2011 (Remake)

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Yosh! Now, I gonna tell you about HUNTER X HUNTER!


It's the 2011 edition, the re-make edition. HUNTER X HUNTER 2011 is an anime directed by Hiroshi Koujina, produced by Madhouse, features scripts by Jun Maekawa, and characters design by Takahiro Yoshimatsu. This series is the complete reboot of the perivous series of HUNTER X HUNTER. The characters design and the vocal actor/actress is different from the previous series.

From left: Kurapika Kuruta (yellow haired), Gon

Freecss (black-green haired), Leorio Paladignight (black

haired) and Killua Zoldyck (white haired).

The main characters of this anime is GON FREECSS and his first and best friend, KILLUA ZOLDYCK. Gon Freecss is a young cheerful boy who loves nature, adventurous, and stubborn. He is a pro Hunter, same as his father, GING FREECSS. But, in this anime Gon is trying to find Ging who always avoiding him. Ging is really hard to find, even his friends were struggling and desperate to find him. Killua Zoldyck is a former assassin of the Zoldyck's family, and a pro Hunter just like Gon. Killua's first and best friend was also Gon Freecss, but he once have been tortured by his own family to be friends with Gon. With Gon, Killua helping him to find Gon's father.

Another main character is KURAPIKA KURUTA and LEORIO PALADIGNIGHT. Kurapika Kuruta is the only survivor of the mass murder of Kuruta clan. When he's mad, his eyes can turn into red blood color and became more stronger than he used to be. His goal is to restore his clan's eyes that spreading around the world. He used black contact lenses to cover his eyes, so no one will noticed that he is the last survivor of Kuruta clan. He's also Gon and Killua's best friend. Leorio Paladignight is a tall guy who's selfish, materialist guy. At the first part of the series, Leorio seems wanted to be rich by being a Hunter. With that, he can travel to any country to find his beloved treasures as he wanted. But, after he pass the Hunter exams, he used the card to study at college to be a doctor. He wanted to help others who needed help. He's also Gon, Killua, and Kurapika's best friend.

"For other info of the characters, I'll post it later."

This picture represents the story of the

anime right now.

This is an on-going anime. It means, it's still airing until now and the series of the anime haven't finished yet, since this is the complete reboot of the 1999's series. Until now, HUNTER X HUNTER 2011 has 340 MANGA CHAPTERS, 1 MOVIE, AND 106 ANIME EPISODES. The manga, somehow still in hiatus until the anime reach a certain point because the manga's story arcs is way too exceeding the anime's story arcs. The anime itself releases a new episode on every Wednesday per one week. Recently, there'll be a new movie titled "The Last Mission". Let's see if it's more entertaining than "Phantom Rouge" movie.

In my opinion, the image quality of the anime is more better than the old series. The characters became more cute, more ferocious, and more interesting. But, some of the people said that the story isn't so "touching" as the old series. Even so, almost everyone loves the 2011's edition's storyline, and so do I.
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