Friday, November 1, 2013

New "Hunter x Hunter" Movie Visual Revealed

It's been announced that Hunter X Hunter: Last Mission, the second film adaptation of 's manga, is set to premiere in Japanese theaters on December 27. From its earliest promos, it's clear that Chairman Netero would play a major role in this movie. In latest movie visual on Shonen Jump's new preview, a younger version of Netero is shown!

Hunter x Hunter: The Last Missio revolves around the dark side of the Hunter Association and the countless crimes it has committed under the radar of normal society. Now everything is illuminated and the crimes of the Hunter Association and its chairman Isaac Netero have been uncovered, how will Gon and Killua react to the true nature of the hunters?

[STAFF]Original Author: Yoshihiro Togashi Director: Keiichiro KawaguchiScript Writer: Nobuaki KishimaAnimation Production: MAD HOUSE
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