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Summer 2013 Episode Rankings

These weekly rankings posts are getting later and later~ I was away over the bank holiday weekend, though, in a strange land without internet! Since getting back about 6 hours ago, I've already caught up with my emails and Facebook status updates, and have made a small dent in my Youtube video backlog. Catching up with almost a week's worth of anime may take a bit longer, however. Still, I have no other plans for the next few weeks, so hopefully I'll catch up soon and stay caught up.

Anyway, enough about me, more about anime! No again this week, and I'm not waiting for it this time. I just hope it hasn't gotten cancelled, as it so often jokes about!

Leader, I am disappoint.1 - (2)

2 - ( 1)

3 - ( 1)

4 - (1)

5 - (2)

6 - (3)

7 - (1)

8 - (4)

9 - ( 3)

10 -

11 -

12 - (6)

13 - ( 9)

14 - (2)

15 -

16 - (1)

17 - ( 4)Will Mushibugyou continue to climb up the rankings, or is this just another illusion?


Ep 7 of GATCHAMAN CROWDS was brutal! Rui decides to confront Berg Katseand the battle is very one-sided. No surprise there - the alien was the source of Rui's CROWDS power to begin with, after all. Jou intervenes, but he doesn't fare much better (I loved Katse repeating his attack names in a mocking tone ). Sugane also ends up unconscious. OD decides to fight next, but is ordered to stay put by Pai-Pai, whose spectacular Gatchaman form we finally get to seefor a short while, before he chickens out and runs off somewhere. Fortunately, Katse doesn't seem to be in a fighting mood anymore once Hajime arrives at the scene, but he leaves her with a curious riddleand an excuse to gorge on cakes and sweets!

This week's MUSHIBUGYOU wasn't that bad. The group are still fighting their way towards insect-man Sanada Yukimura, defeating his 'Ten Crucifix Insects' along the way. Standard shounen fare. The difference this time is that I simply found the bad guy's ability more interesting than the last few. Using the sound made by wings to create illusions, he causes Jinbei to turn on Hibachi, before sending him on a wild goose chase up a steep wall. Hibachi eventually figures out his weakness, though, and they both make quick work of him after that.

Seira may seem fearless when faced with the Daemoniabut ghosts are clearly a different matter.


GEN'EI WO KAKERU TAIYOU started the season in my Top 5, dropped to the middle of the table in Week 2, and stayed in more or less the same place until now. It has been consistently good, but never great - the plot isn't the strongest of the season (though at least it has one), the episodic stories focusing on why ordinary people end up turning into daemonia often feel a bit rushed, and the characters aren't that interesting either. Episode 7 contained a fair bit of foreshadowing, suggesting that things might take a darker turn in the coming episodesbut aside from that, it was just a lighthearted (read: boring) ep where the four girls went around town, ate food, had their fortunes taken, then took part in a 'test of courage'.

KAMISAMA NO INAI NICHIYOUBI fell from much higher up, as the new Goran Academy arc got off to a slow start. There's potential there - Ai has been captured and taken to a facility where children with strange powers (super strength, water breathing etc) are imprisoned, simply so that the staff can continue to receive government grants in this world where children are no longer being born. But as with Gen'ei, it was the events (or lack of them) in this episode itself that held it back, not the potential of future episodes to be better. With about a third of it taking place in the girl's baths, and the boys managing to tunnel in there while trying to escape the school, only to then get beaten up, it felt like just another generic hot springs ep.

It's like Red Data Girl all over again

At the moment, HUNTER X HUNTER's place in the rankings is more or less entirely dependant on how much screen time the Chimera Ants haveI just find them really interesting! But while we did get to see their King ruthlessly take out the local dictator and his catgirl harem, most of the episode focused on Gon's date with Palm, a character who's probably far scarier than the Chimera Ants, to be perfectly honest. Yet again though, I'm looking forward to the next episode - a battle between Killua and Rammot should be fun!

The individual antics of all the former squadron leaders should make things interesting, too!
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