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Another week has come and gone anime and manga and what is chronicled below are the series, anime and manga that i came across in these seven days and what i thought of them. Feel free to tell us about your week in anime and manga, how far you have gone in whatever series you follow and so on. I for one would like to know what to avoid or pursue.

ANIME---KAMISAMA NO INAI NICHIYOUBI- This is the best anime i have watched this week. The story follows a world where people no longer die. Sure you can kill them, but once dead they revive as the undead, not zombies i might add, simply not dead. As one of the characters, the awesome Humpnie Herbert said, all blowing off their heads and limbs does is make them immobile.

Think Torchwood, which i don't watch but heard that they did a similar story line. Grave keepers are beings with special shovels. They are the only ones capable of giving the dead 'peace'; in other words an undead buried by a grave keeper finally finds rest. The conflicts arise from those that wish for death, despising themselves, and those that accept freely given immortality and hence seeking to murder the basically innocent emotionless grave keepers.

It is an intriguing story, not merely because of the setting, but the characters and their personal stories. They drive this show. While i was still doubtful of its quality in the beginning, i was sold on the very shocking episode 3. It wasn't mind blowing but it was none the less mind blowing, enough for me to start taking this series seriously.

From where i left off a new arc was about to begin, with the gang preparing to enter Ortus, a city of undead, stupid when you consider that two of them are grave keepers.

Rating: 5/5, great show, i applaud that third episode, totally didn't see that coming, well, i didn't see both of those things coming.

---RED DATA GIRL- RDG confused me somewhat this week, not that the story faltered in quality. But the genre seemed to change a little too suddenly, like i thought it was one type of story; then the series moved to Tokyo and it seemed to be something completely different. And that is what i saw this week, Sagara and Suzuhara agreeing to move to Houjo academy in Tokyo, the school their parents have wanted them to go to all this time.

We find out the reason why pretty quickly, that the academy is no normal school and that the students can get quite vicious and competitive. Cleary this is an opportunity for Suzuhara to find herself as vessel to a goddess and for Sagara to make himself worth his task as a mountain monk and her servant. The relationship between these two still keeps me entertained. I am still acclimating to the sudden change in the story though.

I wasn't too happy about how they wrapped up the Wamiya storyline, though. But i am excited about the revelation the goddess makes to Sagara about her purpose and the plea she makes to him.


---MEDAKA BOX- I only began watching this series because of the praise i remember my brother heaping upon it. I have actually started with season 2 because it is what i have, and i cannot say i am completely sold on the idea. The series comes off as rather silly, and on the one hand that makes it funny, but on the other hand, nothing really draws me to watch it.

Like i said, it is funny, especially where i am, with Zenkichi the destroyer fighting the newly created abnormal (i think her name was best pain), and the contention between Kurokami Mugoi and her successor (blackwhite? these names are silly). But i don't know, i will finish it but with little conviction to do so.


MANGAI have had some fun with manga this week, probably because i have had a bit more time on my hands to read it.

---MAGI THE LABIRYTH OF MAGIC- I am loving the magi manga, whether or not it exceeds the anime in terms of quality as i have heard from many i am still to make my mind up. Either way the considerable number of chapters i have read in the past few days attest to just how amazing this story becomes in the future, which is why i am not sure i am excited about the supposedly anime only second season of the magi anime i have been hearing about.

Mori continues to shine for me as an awesome character, though proving to be more intriguing at the moment is the mysterious Hakuryuu. I have just finished the Aum Madaura arc, and the transformation the prince undergoes in a period of 15 or so chapters is astounding. i am quite excited to see where this particular story line with his mother and the Kou emperor goes.

Sinbad has managed to seem more conniving than i remember him being in the anime, though to be fair all he does is to protect the kingdom of Sindria. None the less it was good to see that Aladdin saw through his schemes to tie him down.

Seeing the group split up and go off on their own separate adventures reminds of Hunter X hunter, where Gon and gang split up after saving Killua. I am curious as to how the manga will handle their respective adventures.

RATING: 5/5, magi has been a stellar manga for me this week; the visions we saw of Aladdin's 'village' forebode an interesting yet dark future.

---DIVINE BELLS- if Magi hadn't been so good, Divine bells would have been the best manga (manhwa) i had read this week. I am seriously surprised at how fast this story moves. last week i was reading about the divine bells taking new forms and the king learning to contend with new enemies threatened by his kingdom's recent show of strength.

The few chapters i read this week were already revealing to us what happened three hundred years ago when the god like beings were sealed into the bells, what led to the sealing and the ruling emperor who not only oppressed the priestess Gabi into taking action but might be responsible for manipulating the current emperor in the vicious actions he has undertaken lately.

Already the story is moving into a new arc, with the king summoning his secret corps and preparing to begin the journey to search for Gabi. I am intrigued by the underlying drama of the story, the politics regarding the king's step brother's current kingship, a step mother that might have initiated the plotting of his downfall, and the actions being taken by the various kings to control their god like divine bells.

This series has proven itself more than interesting to me, especially the revelations about the the fact that the king's current state of weakness might be a facade, that despite her evil ways, there is more to the intentions of his step mother than mere envy due to her son being passed over for king, this young ruler's continuous doubts over the loyalty of his step brother this series is fascinating.

RATING: 5/5, i like the considerable number of mysteries that are littered across this manga and how quickly but steadily they are revealed while bringing about new questions.

---DEUS EX MACHINA- just when i thought i was out of chapters, another one, chapter 22, was released. I need to figure out if this manga is weekly or monthly. Either way, while i am still on the fence about this series, this week's chapter was pretty impressive, giving use a glimpse into Machina's past, what she went through as a little girl, the death of her father, mistreatment at the hands of his widow, her step mother, a wicked woman hell bent on using the Exequia name to prove the potential and usefulness of clock workers to society despite the casualties involved.

It was an interesting insight into the cold somewhat cruel character that is Machina, especially how she met Deus. This chapter seemed to forebode that Deus, despite his peaceful demeanor was designed to be a powerful tool of conquest. I am curious as to where this is heading, especially in the context of chapter 21, during which the villain of the story stumbled upon a secret within the Exequia mansion.


---BEELZEBUB- I loved this week's Beelzebub chapter. Just when i thought the arc was coming to a close, events suddenly explode into a whole new realm, with both the Solomon Company and Akaboshi making a move during Oga's fight. With each new chapter i become that much more curious as to what objective these mysterious figures are trying to accomplish.

Clearly their is a link with Lucifer but i am starting to think that she isn't at the center of their plan. Then there is this mysterious Fuji who will apparently bring about order.


---FAIRY TAIL- Surprisngly entertaining chapter this week; i wasn't blown away but i enjoyed the experience of reading the 19 pages. The fight between Natsu and thegiant bird was awesome, the mystery at the end of the chapter, with the eternal flame disappearing only intrigued me further. We are back in unpredictable territory, unsure as to what is going to happen next or where this arc is going. According to the title of next week's chapter, we are probably going to find out who the voice Natsu has been hearing belongs to.

Now that i think about it, the eternal flame probably didn't disappear as much as it did transform into another most likely human form. I still think it is Igneel or Atlas flame or someone connected to them.

RATING: 3/5, decent chapter, i want to see a great Erza Vs. Minerva fight though.

---A FAIRY TALE OF THE DEMON LORD- This manga is strange, i am not really sure what to say about it even after 15 chapters of reading. There is a demon lord, a princess he captured, the several knights that have come to save her that he has killed, the nameless night that is to be his final opponent, who has fought thousands of dragons, defended something called Yggdrasil, receives some sort of mission from Odin and a lot of it doesn't make sense.

Yet because it is colored, i will read further; besides the nameless knight has this really cool sword that changes shape and powers.

RATING: 2/5, i am not impressed, okay i am impressed with the pretty amazing art work. But the story makes little sense to me.

Seriously though, this manga looks amazing.

---BLEACH- I wasn't amazed by this week's bleach chapter. I like Toushiro and Rangiku and i was looking forward to their fight with Bazz, and it wasn't executed badly. I simply wasn't too sure as to what the hell was going on.

RATING: 2/5, i am still quite excited about this war.

Well that is it for this week, i am curious as to what your week was like in terms of anime and manga, what you watched, read or discovered. If any of the series above do not have synopses, it is because i spoke about them
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