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Summer 2013 Episode Rankings

Not late, by some miracle or other! I'm so shocked, I can't think of anything to write here! *that excuse never gets old~*

A couple of things worth mentioning though: firstly, no this week (not too surprising by this point), and secondly, series are starting to end! Just one this week, and by the looks of things not a lot are finishing at 12 episodes either, so these rankings may go on for a rare 13th week!

Nice to see Annie show some emotion on her face! I just hope there's enough episodes left in this series to explain her motives, and why she has Titan powers to begin with!1 -(1)

2 - (1)

3 - (3)

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5 -

6 - (4)

7 - (5)

8 - (5)

9 - (6)

10 - ( 3)

11 -

12 - (4)

13 - (12 LOL)

14 - (2)

15 - (2)

16 - (7)

18 - (1)Good to see that Butadon's death hasn't changed the way Hachiken thinks about livestock.


GIN NO SAJI's final episode was fairly standard, but provided very good closure for (this half of) the series, hence the jump in rankings. When I started it, I was hoping for a fun and educational series along the lines of Moyashimon, and Gin no Saji delivered just that, and featured a great deal of drama to boot. Needless to say, I'll be picking up the second half this Winter.


STELLA JOGAKUIN KOUTOUKA C -BU is up and down each week like a yo-yoI liked this episode, though, as somebody finally gave the increasingly frustrating Yura a stern talking to. Didn't expect Rento to be the one to do that, but fair play, she did a good job! Things seem to be heading towards a happy ending, hopefully with Yura rejoining the club. The big question is, will Sonora end up staying too?

Zombies would have made this series more interestingyou have the power, Yura!


ROZEN MAIDEN ZUR CKSPULEN evidently isn't continuing into next seasonwhat a quick and anti-climactic ending to Kirakishou! I suppose the last few episodes will focus on rescuing Shinku, while avoiding resetting Jun's progress towards making friends (possibly more than friends with regards to Saitou). These episodes may end up being good, but either way I think I'll struggle to get over my disappointment about Kirakishou.

SENKI ZESSHOU SYMPHOGEAR G'S had its moment of gloryand now its in the Red Zone Last week's No.1 episode had great action, plenty of drama and a cliffhanger ending, the same ingredients that Shingeki no Kyojin has been relying on heavily (with great success), as well as the best songs. This week, it was back to the usual crazy faces from Doctor Ver, and average fight scenes featuring the few characters left who CAN fight. It's the same kind of episode that has been earning it mid-table rankings all season, but with many shows that tended to rank lower starting to impress me more as they approach their finales, Symphogear is starting to feel a bit samey.

Perhaps notbut it'd still be worth it just to wipe the crazy smile off his face!


And finally, I feel HUNTER X HUNTER is worth a mention. It's been good to see the Phantom Troupe again after such a long time, and over the past couple of episodes it has become increasingly clear how little we learnt about some of its members back in Yorknew City. The fact that they're on or above the same skill level as the higher ranking Chimera Ants makes it even clearer how outclassed Gon and friends were going up against them back then! Looks like the focus will be returning to the usual main characters from next week, but I look forward to future reappearances of the Spider.

And I thought summoning Jupiter was impressive
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