Saturday, September 7, 2013

Re-introduction and notice that this blog will now be used for school purposes.

Hi, as you may know, I abandoned this blog long time ago but I am taking an online class right now and it requires me to have a blog - so guess what, I am picking up and writing on this blog again.

I will be posting homework here. Homework will mostly be responses to the readings assigned to us each week.

Now to introduce myself to my classmates and my professor whom I will be constantly working with during this semester. I hope we get along well.

Name: Nicole Jaclyn Tanchip Chua Nicknames: Nic, NJ, Niccy, NicbotBirthday: June 23, 1989

Gender: Female

Nationality: Filipino (yes I originated from the Philippines (was there since birth till I was 17))

Relationship Status: Single Residing in: currently Canada Dx (moved here and I was 17years old)

Is naturally a: Writer, total gamer (mmorpg,rpg, non-rpg, any epic console/computer game), otaku, bookworm

Hobbies: reading, writing novels/stories/poems/songs, playing games (mmorpg and rpg mostly but also non-rpgs that are to my liking), watching anime/yaoi, hanging out with friends, texting

Interests (in no such order): , , , books, games, friends, comics, mangas, , , art, writing, magic, fantasy, imagination, mythology, some technology and music

Fave book: (mainly: book 4 = ) (You must read this....I repeat...You MUST read this series)

Fave drink: hot = apple cider, cold = lemonade

Fave number: 4

Fave Color: Green

Fave anime/manga: Hunter X Hunter

Addicted to: hats, books, anime and manga, caffeine, literature, art, and rpg gamesNic's Literature website: Current Literary Projects: rewriting "Age Of Chaos" series, working on webcomicCurrent Profession: Student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Sales Representative at Skechers - a shoe retail store in Richmond Centre

My assignments will begin in the next blog entries. Thanks for taking the time to read this and learn more about me.
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