Monday, September 30, 2013

#NowWatching: Anime Series

Because I promised myself to watch anime more regularly, I will be posting the ones I am watching on a monthly basis - also so that I can keep track of the ones I've finished, just for the hell of it. For this month, I only started on 3 - all of which are ongoing so I cannot tag them as complete just yet.

These are not anime reviews, so don't expect me to talk about each anime in detail.


Gundam Unicorn

I was a big fan of Gundam Wings back in grade school. I remember rushing home every afternoon to catch the anime. I fell in love with the Gundams! I wanted to revive that feeling so I looked for the most recent Gundam installment and found this. At first, I thought the series was already complete only to realize that Episode 6 is not the final episode. Apparently, a new episode comes out every six months or so, so I will need to wait until next year for the next one! Dang, this one was such a cliffhanger.


Shingeki no Kyojin a.k.a. Attack on Titan

A friend asked me if I've read the manga (which I haven't obviously), and then I saw a fan-made poster of a "Live Action" version of this series so I was intrigued. I'm still on Episode 3 and as much as I want to continue watching, I need to sleep because I have work tomorrow! I just started this 2 hours ago and I couldn't stop watching. I like the visuals, I like the gore, I like the how the story is developing so far - and I can't wait for the action! Last time I felt this way about an anime was Claymore. I guess, they're quite similar considering that they have human-eating monsters (in this case, Giants) as enemies. I'm looking forward to the next episodes!


Hunter X Hunter 2011

Hunter X Hunter is an old favorite back in grade school as well, but has been revived last 2011. I was excited about the revision, but I only started watching it last August. My pace is so slow, that I'm still at Episode 35 to date. Haha! Although the story is familiar, because it has been a long time ago, I've forgotten the details so I feel like I'm watching something new. I also can't wait to get into the action because right now, I'm still at the Heaven's Arena arc, which is a little boring. I miss the songs from the old version though - the songs from this new one sound old.

Those are it for now. I promise to watch even more anime in October. Hopefully catch up to the latest episodes of the above, and start new ones (or ones that I haven't seen). It's 5 AM now so I'm off to bed.

Oyasumi! ^^

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