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Autumn 2013 Episode Rankings

Week 8! And we're back to a full 19 series; there's been surprisingly few gaps this season from series skipping a week, which always makes things easier, as well as giving me more to watch.

Nyaa~1 - ( 2)

2 -(5)

3 - ( 1)

4 -

5 - ( 4)

6 - ( 4)

7 - ( 2)

8 -(5)

9 - (1)

10 - ( 2)

11 - (1)

12 - (1)

13 - ( 4)

14 - (1)

15 - (2)

16 - ( 2)

17 -(1)

18 - ( 12)

19 - ( 3)It's super effective.


HUNTER X HUNTER ranked first this week! Which I believe is also a first, despite the show coming very close numerous times over the last few seasons (not so much during the Greed Island arc :razz:). Usually the pacing holds Hunter x Hunter back - since it's a long running series, it doesn't have to fit as much content into each episode as other anime that have to be done and dusted in 12-13 weeks - but while the story is progressing at a slower pace, there are so many gripping things going on at the same time that it's certainly become one of the series I look forward to most each week! Palm's infiltration of the palace, Morel's imminent battle with Leol and the ongoing Gungi match should make great viewing, while Knov's breakdown this week after just sensing the aura of the Royal Guards from a distance stood out in particular.

Jumping up to second is COPPELION, a series that is certainly more fast-paced, to the point that it doesn't leave much time for character development. I'm beyond caring about that now, though - I'm watching the series for its action scenes, and this week's episode had plenty of those! The appearance of the Ozu sisters, two Coppelion cloned from the cells of an actress-turned-serial killer, one of whom also has some electric eel DNA mixed in for good measure (whose great idea was that!?) certainly made things more interesting. They want to destroy the world, partly to get revenge on humanity and prove their superiority, but mostly just for fun by the sound of things. Will Naruse and the rest of the Rescue unit be able to kill their former classmates if it comes to that? We shall see

Episode 8 of Magi S2 in a nutshell.


Last week I was singing MAGI: THE KINGDOM OF MAGIC's praises, this week it's back in the red, after a fairly dull training montage episode. Since Aladdin had been relying on Rukh from around him to power his magic all this time, it turns out he's actually not that good at it when this external source is cut off. Fortunately, this episode fixes that problem, and he graduates from the 'sixth kodor' to the first, picking up some new wind magic along the way. Now that's out of the way, I'm hoping the series will return to its usual high standard. One positive is that, judging by the preview at the end of the episode, the focus will be switching to Alibaba next week, so we may well get to see all the character's individual journeys as opposed to just Aladdin's.

KILL LA KILL left the Top 5 for the first time, but I'm fully expecting it to be back up there again next week. Episode 8 mostly served to develop Gamagori's character and backstory (as well as explain why he looks so much older than the rest of the pupils - it's because he is!), but aside from that everything was focused towards the climax of the 'Naturals Election', and the battle between Ryuko and the members of the Elite Four which will presumably kick off in the next ep. If that doesn't make my Top 5, I don't know what will.

This series would be nothing without Mako.


Episode 8 of MEGANEBU! was ridiculous. I mean, the whole series has been, but this one took it to a new extreme. After a series of 'attacks' on Glasses Club members (Takuma is sold spinach-flavoured Choux Creme, Akira is served a ridiculously small portion of curry, and Yukiya's favourite seat in the cafeteria is takenby a plaster bust), Mitsuki turns detective. Initially interrogating the student council president, who has an obvious motive but a solid alibi, he finally tracks down the true culprit: the school dinner lady. All these pranks were in fact her way of ensuring that they eat more healthily, or occasionally sit in an area with more sunlight in Yukiya's case. Meganebu! is one of those series that doesn't need to rely on jokes, because its entire concept is a joke. And I love it.
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