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I am kind of disappointed; it's a good thing these three chapters snuck on me because each of them was ridiculously short. But maybe i should be rejoicing that is still on gong. For a few months now i was convinced it had been cancelled, or gone on one of those indefinite hiatuses Hunter X Hunter is widely known for.


Really ridiculous how little actually happened in these three chapters. But again, i shouldn't be complaining. When i last left off months back Lint had confronted Ricalna in the graveyard about his loyalty to Eden, aiming his gun at Ricalna's forehead. A terrorist attack had occurred shortly after.

Chapter 39 kicks off at this point, Jim bringing their discussion to an end; an unknown terrorist group assaults a Cherub base; the s head back to base. Syal is recalled by Jim but falters as she catches sight of a stranger in the slums sneaking a missile in, which turns out to be a nuke.

Lint plugs into Eden and backs Cherub against the terrorist forces, proving effective, that is until Torukisu arrives at the scene and punches through his mech.


Two points primarily stuck out to me in these three chapters, well, three if i include Lambert. Cherub and the mother keeper program have always been in conflict, Lambert displaying open hostility to Jim, her mother keeper program and the power she wields; Jim vaunting that power over Lambert.

It was intriguing to watch him actually place his pride aside, come to Jim and suggest that Cherub and the mother keepers corporate. While logical a decision, it is also suspicious. Sure Eden is facing a severe terrorist assault and one cherub base has already fallen, but Lambert seemed way too obstinate a military man to make such a U-turn.

-This brings me to something interesting that Lambert revealed, that Chaos Tide only breached Eden security and its dome because Eden's superiors allowed them to; basically intent on using the occasion to destroy them entirely and weaken the resistance; but they had miscalculated, Chaos Tide proving too powerful a foe.

It seems way too important a piece of information for Lambert to spill. Besides the rather cavalier nature with which Eden's authorities handle its security, i wouldn't be surprised if Lambert was in on some military conspiracy to finally act out their envy and destroy their enemy, that being Jim and her program. I am choosing to remain suspicious of Lambert until i see proof saying otherwise.

-We can now safely say that it is chaos tide that is attacking Eden if Torukisu is involved. In the first place i don't see how Eden authorities could have mistaken Chaos Tide for a weak force, a terrorist group lead by Adam, a man whose knowledge of Eden and the program is on par with Jim, and whose forces are led by Torukisu, a that schooled Ricalna, who by the way is supposed to be the latest most powerful weapon to come out of Eden.

Again this goes back to Lambert and his suspicious attitude.

-Terrorist group seems rather accurate in this case, or rather something more; we got a first hand glimpse into the operations of Cosmos when Ricalna and group first assaulted Eden at the start of the series. And as far as resistance groups go they were fairly typical, a rag tag group of desperate individuals fighting for their lives.

Same thing for Chaos Tide when Ricalna first tore through them. The guys we see in these chapters are surprisingly professional, a well trained force of well armed mercenaries, not the sort of thing you would find in the slums. Again, something smells wrong with this so called terrorist attack.

Jim pointed this out as well, that despite its efficacy Eden's shield could block a nuclear assault, which means there is more to this assault than meets the eye; and if that scarred fellow is involved as Syal saw, then Griam is involved in this assault, with Chaos Tide of all people, a resistance force that Ricalna greatly opposes. I suppose this is going to put them at opposing ends, which sucks. I like Griam.

Lint made a point recently to Ricalna that there is little actual resistance in a resistance group if all you do is kill innocents, which is what Chaos Tide does. On the bright side its good to see Torukisu again. His first and only battle with Ricalna is one of my favorite scenes in the manga so far.

-Lint finally proved himself. As the first and oldest model of i always wondered what he had to offer beyond mere surveillance. The fact that he can control a few mechs is kind of cool, though making him weak outside his station.

-The worst thing that could happen for Ricalna, besides Torukisu's presence, is Renna showing up. At least Toru he can combat and destroy without any hesitation. If Renna shows up, I can see Ricalna turning on his new team mates to protect her; same thing for Griam-unless Jim remotely forces him to kill them both which would be an interesting and rather tragic turn of events. But then again Jim has proven herself to be that cold, forcing Ricalna to kill his own sister.

This entire situation is crap for Ricalna, clearly loyal to his roots, his family, his sister, yet obviously coming to accept his new position, his new team mates.

RATING: 4/5, stuff happened; i just wish more had happened. The art was decent, except for the fire fights. There was a definite lack of bullet lines, or really anything to show us that bullets were whizzing by, or really that an explosion had gone off.
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