Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Characters that made my year

On this fourth day of Christmas we pay homage to the man whose crotch glows with an awesome power - Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter is one of those rare shows that never seems to have a bad episode.This is all the more remarkable given the fact that this is a long-running shounen series, shows of that particular predigree are notorious for crap filler and pointless padding.Not so with Hunter x Hunter, it has been excellent this year and only continues to get better.

Last year I chose Kurapica as my character of choice from this show, but this year it has to be Hisoka.Greed Island has never been my favourite arc of HxH, but it this remake of the series actually made Greed Island pretty interesting - but what really made it for me was the arrival of Hisoka.Hisoka the creepy clown with the glowing nether regions.Hisoka the grown man with an unhealthy interest in two young boys.Hisoka the frighteningly dangerous, yet absolutely fascinating.What a brilliant character.

I've picked episode 68 as my favourite Hisoka moment of the year - because it has a glorious naked Hisoka in a lake.I don't believe there is any need for me to give more reason than that.
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