Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Complete Series Review: Black Cat

Black Cat is an anime about a 23 year old young man named Train Heartnet who is known as the Black Cat because of his cat like reflexes and the fact that he likes to drink milk in the middle of the night on the roof of his apartment. He also feeds stray cats up there to. But he's apart of this organization called Chronos which the members carry out secret assassinations. Train uses a gun called Hades to kill his opponents. Train himself is heartless and cold. He one day meets a bounty hunter named Saya. Bounty Hunters in this series are called Sweepers. Saya's voice in the dub is great. When she sings she sounds so beautiful. The song she sings is just so perfect. Saya teaches Train how to love and value a human life.

On one of Train's missions he has to kill a little girl named Eve who is an artificial human and weapon. She is basically a created human girl with super human strength. I'm not going to spoil it and tell you what kind of powers she has because if you're reading it and have never seen it before than you have to watch. Especially the dub. Eve is very valuable because with her you are basically unstoppable. That is why Chronos sent Train to kill her. During this he meets a Sweeper named Sven who later on becomes a mentor to Train. Sven is able to stop Train from killing Eve. From this point on Eve starts to travel with Eve.

Soon after Train is fully able to value life and he and Saya start to talk more frequently. All of this is short lived (about two episodes) when Creed, Heart's partner in Chronos, kills Saya because Train left Chronos. I cried like a bay at this moment. Train was just turning his life around and the person who helped him do it was killed and he couldn't save her in time. I knew I would hate Creed forever then. Creed leaves Chronos and forms an Organization called the Apostles of the Star. They were formed to defeat and take out Chronos. 6 months pass and Train is now traveling with Sven and Eve as a Sweeper. He's gotten over Saya's death and seems to be happy now. Train's new goal is to stop Creed and the Apostles of the Star but now Chronos is after all of its former members including Train.

This is a good 24 episode anime. The story is good, the characters are great, and the animation is decent for it to be made in 2005. The opening and endings are great and they match the anime. The second ending had me crying because it was a ballad and it was about Saya. I promise you that this is a good anime and you won't be disappointed. If you don't want to watch it then you can read it on any manga website. There are 20 volumes to the series. Either way check the series out Its good and you'll probably go through the feels like I did. I'm out for now. Today is Monday and I will be back Tuesday to do my first Hunter X Hunter review in about 3 weeks. Until then this is a good bye. See ya!
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