Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bleach Chapter 560 Review: TEKKEN TACHIKAZE!!

Did Hisagi, Ikkaku and Yumechicka lose to this nigga in the last chapter? Is what I though in the beginning but now I know. As long as that little mini me is around this old, buff but light nigga. How is a person his size doing drop kicks. This dude bust be mad flexible. But what about Ikkaku and Hisagi wil;l we see them fight. All I wanted to see sense Kensei told Hisagi to show him his bankai is to see his motherfucking bankai. I fear that it may never happen. It may sound cliche or on some Naruto shit but now that its getting dark I hope everyone takes a brake for the night. I want to see Hisagi healed to fight again. If we don't see Hisagi's Bankai I will beat Kubo's ass. I'm not fucking playing. I will go to Japan and beat his ass until Kenpachi has to come and save him. And it was great to my nigga Kensei Muguruma beat the shit out Mask De Masculine. Kensei's bankai looked badass as usual. And it was nice of him to explain how his Bankai works. Tachikaze makes whatever it cuts explode but Tekken Tachikaze allows his fist to continuously cause explosions as long as he's touching you. That shit sounds painful as hell. I do not want to get hit with that. I wonder how many Naruto characters Kensei can take out with that. Enough of that. The next few Bleach chapters are going to be so damn epic. I can't wait until then. I'm done for now with this Bleach chapter. I gota go catch up to Kill La Kill and Hunter X Hunter 2011. See ya!
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