Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hunter X Hunter 2011 Episode 109 Review:

All throughout this episode every one was putting the final touches on their plan and I was scared as hell. I know that the next episode shit will go down. Everyone is just thinking that we most likley will die inside of the palace. Know is so far gone that his hair turned white, his face is pale, and he's even skinnier. Knov has been reduced to fodder at this point. I'm surprised at Morel. I didn't think he would be this worried. And on top of that he's only at 35% of his real power. How the hell is he supposed to fight especially since Knov's bitch ass won't be helping. Knuckle and Shoot seem to be ready but what Shoot said about Killua is getting to me. He said that Killua seems happy and ready but its slowly deteriorating. This leads me into thinking that Killua might leave Gon in the middle of the fight or just give up completely. I don't want my nigga to die. Kill Knov ass instead. It doesn't matter how ready these guys are because in the middle of the battlefield anything is possibly. This is all I have for now. This was a pretty laid back chapter before things pick up fast, so I'm gonna stop here. Have a good day and watch anime. See ya!
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