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Freezing is like nothing i have watched before, in that no other anime has yet to try my patience as much as Freezing and Freezing Vibration.

I watched the first Freezing anime in one night, well, really, less than a night; more like a few hours of my night. Am not even sure what kept me glued to the screen, except the fact that it was two in the morning before i finally closed the chapter on an anime i hadn't plan on pursuing further.

The question here becomes why i would bother watching an anime that kept my hand stuck to the first forward button. Some episodes i watched more of, whileothers were a mere blur; whatever the case if i am going to give this anime one compliment, it will be that i was that determined to finish its first season, to know what happened at the end, and that didn't change for Freezing Vibrations-which i blew through in under two hours.


Ever since the 10th NOVA clash, the Chevalier concluded that the NOVA were appearing at an accelerated rate; Pandora were dying faster than could be created. Their solution, E-Pandora, a project which involved normal humans without a predilection for stigmata being given the power to become Pandora. Pandora from all around the world are invited to the Alaskan base to witness the unveiling of this new project, these including Satellizer, Kazuya and Rana.

However as the trials commence, suspicions begin to rise about the true nature and efficacy of the E-Pandora project.


Freezing is pointless, as an anime, and i presume as a manga. It's one thing to describe an anime as good, mind blowing even. Its another thing describing an anime as bad, terrible at that. Both descriptions say something about the anime, that it actually had elements that had an impact in some way.

Great anime leave you cheering, bad anime encourage you to rage. Pointless anime are a third category for me; if i was involved in the creation of an anime series or movie, i would rather it was bad than pointless.

Because at least a bad anime mattered, enough for me to curse its crapiness. A pointless anime doesn't matter. It's existence is negligible, in other words had this anime never been made, the consequences would have hardly differed, as opposed to anime that's so bad it serves as an example of how terrible an idea can get.

-I cannot recommend Freezing for watching, i don't think its good anime, yet i can't say i hated it. And that's because the series as a whole felt unworthy of contemplation once i finished it. Three primary elements stuck out to me that sunk the show, at least in my eyes:

--- yes, , as in Freezing me reminds me a heck of a lot of . I watched a video recently on YouTube where a reviewer was expressing disinterest in watching HUNTER X HUNTER not because it was bad but because it reminded him too much of Naruto.

Now he admitted that the two shows likely had nothing to do with each other, no plagiarism had occurred in creating either stories and at their core both stories were different. Yet he simply couldn't get over those elements of the story that so repeatedly regurgitated memories of Naruto (which the reviewer is a big fan of).

Now am pretty sure this particular reviewer managed to overcome this confusion as the last video i watched from his channel was raving about the Phantom Troupe arc.

Good for him, bad for me, because Freezing isn't anywhere near as good an anime as HUNTER X HUNTER and the similarities seem so much more egregious that i couldn't help mentally pausing scenes to point out action A or character B who was nothing if not a direct facsimile of some of my favourite characters and moments in .

Now i cannot say whether or not FREEZING actually took any cues from ; people like to use terms like inspired. But really, how can anyone who's read enjoy this show. I spent the last hour of Freezing season one wondering why the invasion reminded me so much of the war in the north, why the act of several super powered girls going crazy from a deluge of energy suddenly seemed so familiar, specifically that one scene at the end where Satelli has to transform (sort of) to defeat a superior enemy, only to come under threat of losing her self to transformation, moments before her limiter came to her rescue, pulling her back from the brink of destruction with a few sweet words. (Let's see, Clare, Raki, awakening, Lion king no, i won't say rip off).

I want to say that i have come across such situations before, where anime seemed to bleed into each other. But even as comparisons with Naruto threatened to ruin my enjoyment of Brave 10, the series managed to stand above those similarities.

If i could have flash backs, then that's what so many scenes, characters, fights, plots in FREEZING VIBRATION triggered in me.

--PETTY- Seriously i cannot be the only one astounded by the pettiness of Freezing. The first time i watched i was fascinated by how nationalistic beliefs could push people to act in ways that threatened humanity's survival, if only to benefit the purposes of their races.

Freezing leaves me astounded at how so many of its characters will expend energy, life, fighting ability to engage in petty fights in the light of an actual threat beyond the borders of the academy.

Now granted this was a much more egregious occurrence in the first season, which left me fascinated at the idea of a school spending considerable resources to train what are supposedly rare Pandora's only to permit them to murder each other within school grounds for silly reasons.

Am sure there are Otaku out there enjoy that, but the irrationality of it all simply irritates me. As a result most of Freezing as a series feels largely petty; it seems like any Pandora/Alien battles are restricted to the end of each season, which leaves me questioning the idea of a plot summary that promises super powered girls Vs. alien battles, instead delivering multiple and extremely petty Pandora Vs. Pandora fights.

If you must have an anime that has to have its girls fight each other repeatedly, do not set it during an Alien invasion; because for all intent and purpose, if Satelli and company are what pass for their last line of defence, the earth is all but doomed.

--FAN SERVICE- I am apathetic to fan service, in most cases it neither positively nor negatively impacts my anime viewing experience. Fan service is a problem in anime that choose to over emphasize its presence at the expense of story.

I have probably complained about this somewhere with regards to FAIRY TAIL, which has ruined its last two or three arcs because of badly placed fan service completely ruining scenes that should have been much darker.

DEMON KING NO DAIMYO had some potential, could have been a great anime, at least in my eyes; but it was ruined by pointless ecchi and fan service. Freezing had 12 episodes in which to put its best foot forward and tell a great story. It instead chose to pour most of its energies into fan service, which took up nearly half of all viewing time. And they are surprised that the fickle story they had in mind played out even more half assed than planned?

-I will admit to sticking with the original Freezing anime for action's sake, but even that did little to interest me in Vibration; the characters felt flimsy and fickle, the plot contrived, and have i mentioned before just how DUMB the name Satelizer is, only matched by the dumb primary protagonist it was assigned to.


As far as i am concerned Freezing has nothing praiseworthy to offer, which leaves me confused as to why i watched it all the way to the end. Season 2 pretty much reworks and reproduces the events of season 1, with one or two nuances, primarily the characters, new and old.

I might afford a compliment for Satelizer and the pseudo character development she achieved, but even the revelations of her past were more odd than intriguing, with a disturbed villain of a half brother that somehow managed to receive forgiveness and redemption at the end of the short arc.

With Freezing Vibration, i would say, Why bother? Watching the series isn't likely to affect you negatively, but you will not miss much if you never pick this up.

RATING: 2/10, that was one lame finale. What the hell was Kazuya's role in this season? And here i thought he was the main character. I still don't understand the title Freezing; which is something that irks me, anime whose titles have absolutely nothing to do with the story, more like randomly chosen, awesome sounding names.

Freezing Vibration is the second season of the Freezing anime, aired from October 4 to December 20 of 2013. The 12 episode anime was produced by Funimation entertainment, Media Factory and A.C.G.T and is categorized as Action, comedy, drama, ecchi, martial arts, romance, Sci-Fi, Harem, Military, Seinen.
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