Thursday, January 23, 2014

TV Show of the Week: Hunter x Hunter!

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This show is really entertaining! You get to watch a young kid, Gon, grow up and mature whilst traveling the world trying to find clues to the whereabouts of his father. Gon's father, Ging, is a top class world renown Hunter and planned that his child would become a hunter to find his father. The whole show is pretty much Ging's test for Gon so that one day Gon can surpass his father completely. Throughout the show Gon is tested, having to use his intellect and strength to conquer the trials that are placed before him. During the Hunter's exam, Gon meets his dear friend Killua. Killua belongs to a famous assassin family and was raised to be the top assassin in history by his father and brother.

This show is incredibly imaginative and keeps you on your toes. After each new episode I am always left waiting and wanting for more, which you will feel the same once you start watching this amazing anime television series. I'd say this show is intended for teenagers and up only because of the violence, you would not want your kids going at each others' throats! This show is still running and currently has over 100 episodes.

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Let me know if you like this show and what you think about it so far or if you have any other recommendations. I'm always up for talking about anime. Thanks for reading my blog and being a supporter of anime! Until next time....
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