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Winter 2014 Episode Rankings

Slowly but surely catching up! I had hoped to post this mid-week, but watching anime episodes took priority over writing about them, as I neared another big milestone - according to Anime-Planet, . For the last few years, this has increased by . I'm pretty happy with those figures.

It sounds less impressive when you scale it down, howeverthere are 24 hours in a day, only two hours of which is anime time on average. Surely I can improve on that?

I do value quality over quantitybut why settle for one when I can have both?1 - (1)

2 - ( 1)

3 - (3)

4 - (6)

5 -

6 - (2)

7 - ( 4)

8 - (1)

9 - ( 5)

10 - ( 3)

11 -

12 - (5)

13 - (2)

14 - ( 2)

15 - ( 2)

16 -

17 - ( 3)

18 -I was half expecting him to propose!


LOVE SONG OF A CERTAIN PILOT is already starting to stand out for me this season. Plot-wise, we still don't know much (though the flashbacks keep coming), however the series is certainly doing a good job of introducing its characters and making them memorable! But no matter how eccentric the teachers and other classmates are, it's still Claire and Kal-el that amuse me the most - they're the least generic anime couple I've seen in ages! Not even the existence of a non-blood-related, (debatably) younger sister character can stand in the way of their budding romance!

I was probably a bit too hard on NOBUNAGUN last week. Much more action this time around, though, which always helps! We got to see a few more characters and AU Weapons, though so far none have been as amusing as main character Ogura "Nobunagun" Shio's continued rampaging. I look forward to learning more about the 'Evolutionary Invasion Objects', but already like the idea of enemies that are rapidly evolving and may soon emerge to try and take over land and sky as well as the seas! Have to say that the OP is probably the best theme of this season for me, too.

Nobunagun has plenty of interesting effects, bright colours, and just generally looks great!


I'm not quite sure what to make of this post-timeskip NAGI NO ASUKARA. That was one plot twist I didn't see coming. Just when all the secret crushes and the complex love polygon had fianlly been revealed to all involved, Chisaki is left behind on land while her Shioshishio friends seemingly vanish from the world, only to have Hikari re-appear five years later completely unagedthat's certainly shaken things up a bit! But despite initial reluctance, Hikari decides to accept all the changes to the village and its people, so I guess I should try and do the same.

If I was too hard on Nobunagun last week, I was WAY too easy on NOBUNAGA THE FOOL. It has plenty of style, but the more I look at it, the more I can't imagine it developing much of a (comprehensible) plot, though as always I'm willing to be proven wrong! Maybe I get that feeling simply because the show reminds me of Senjou no Horizon - similar mix of historical characters, technologies and obvious CGI. The characters are pretty, as I said last week, but personality-wise they're very generic so far.

I tell myself that every season, but still the shows keep getting weirder


HUNTER X HUNTER is entering what I assume must be the final stages of the Chimera Ant arc, as Gon and companions finally put their plan to kill the King into action. However, nothing ever goes quite according to plan, as Youpi's unexpected presence on the staircase immediately demonstrated. Even more shocking was the revelation that the Gungi player Komugi was critically injured during the initial attack, sending the King into deep despair! The decision to give his character a more 'human' side at the last minute, after building him up as an emotionless killer for the majority of the arc, has made the last few episodes all the more fantastic to watch.

Nobunaga has spoken. Who would dare argue?
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