Saturday, January 25, 2014

Recap 2013

2013 passed in a blink of an eye. I took a few hours to recall anything good or bad, or something I could proud of that I had done last year, but sadly I could not think of any. What a sad life, I live like a salted fish. x.x

2013 was not the best also not the worst year for me. I got to do what I wanted to do, but also had done things I regret doing and things I regret not doing. It was a year that was so peaceful, not much happiness, not much sadness. The relationship between my family members and I has neither changed for better nor worse, just the number of times I talked to my family were getting less, it meant that the dispute were getting less too.

I had been doing quite satisfied in my academic, I managed to obtain my first GPA 4.0 last semester. There was once a lecturer told me it was better to get 4.0 in year 1 as it might be very hard when in year 2 but I did not have the appetence until I noticed the CGPA dropped vigorously.

I spent two third of 2013 with these awesome bunch of people in college. Their level of endurance is too damn high especially when it comes to my noisiness, craziness, 38 and also the spamming the whatsapp. LOL Thank you for listening? hmm no, allowing me to talk to myself instead of asking me to shut up. :B

In year 2013, blogging is no longer a hobby to me, it becomes a way to earn money. I received some blog opportunities, such as advertorials, sponsored paid post, reviews and events. I get to know a few Penang bloggers through the blog events. (Check them out atand )

However, I realised that the number of times I blog were getting less as compared to 2012, my life is too boring, everyday goes to college, back home and watch anime, burn midnight oil study for exam and also last minutes complete the assignments.

Since I mention about anime, I watched tons of anime last year until I run out of anime to watch now :'( so I spent half of the Saturday blogging about my 2013, where I should have started studying for final exam, since I managed to get an A in MIS coursework. Hmm.. Something to proud of as I occasionally felt that the lecturer hate me. HAHAHAHAHA

Ps: Something I want to emphasize: CARTOON AND ANIME ARE NOT THE SAME.

I was not a fan of cartoon and anime since young, I did not watch power puff girl, but I watched power ranger. LOL The first anime that I watched was Hunter x Hunter. Hmm.. I mentioned about this 840646840620 times but I still want to say I love Hunter x Hunter, I love love love love Kurapika since 13!

So can I marry my Kurapika pillow? 3

Hmm.. here comes my 2014 RESOLUTION:

1. marry my Kurapika. :DDDD

Kay kay, I actually not yet sorted out my new year resolution, but what I am expecting in 2014 are always the same: be happy, be independent, be strong, be healthy and be smart.

Hmm.. something around those line (insert jokes)

Happy New Year guys, thank you for staying with me, supporting this blog!
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