Thursday, July 18, 2013

A TV Show

Hello classmates. Today I'm going to write about a TV show I watched as a child.

As a little Asian girl (haha), I used to see several anime (Japanese animation) series in Hong Kong, such as Sailor Moon, Shin Chan, Wedding Peach, and Dragon Ball.I think the most important anime for me was Sailor Moon, because it marked a stage of my childhood. In fact, I still enjoy watching some scenes in Youtube, hearing its music, and contemplate the original drawings.

Sailor Moon's anime drawing

The Sailor Moon's TV show is based on a manga (Japanese comic) series of the same name created by Naoko Takeuchi (extra information: Takeuchi is married with Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Hunter X Hunter). It's one of the most popular Japanese animations in the world, so I guess you know what is it about (basically, a group of teenage girls who transform into heroines to fight against the evil forces and to save the Earth).

One of my favourite Sailor Moon's manga illustrations

Sailor Moon anime series has 200 chapters, and because of its popularity, the merchandising of stuff has been a complete success. I remember I had a towel, some clothing, many colouring books, school supplies, and little figures of Sailor Moon's characters, hahaha.It began airing in Japan in 1992, and ended in 1997. It had been rebroadcasted many times in different countries.

It was difficult to finish this post without getting distracted with Naoko Takeuchi's drawings, or Sailor Moon's videos!
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