Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Piece, episode 1. I start to understand why people like it.

In my series of posts that I named "Take a peek" I watch 3-5 episodes of the biggest and most promising shows out there to form some sort of opinion. Well, that was the idea. This time I do one of the most famous and one of the longest anime series out here - One Piece.

As any anime fan I see stuff related to One Piece very-very often. Ever since I started talking on anime forums I have been seeing One Piece fanart, discussions and arguments about One Piece, how it is better or not than other shonen biggies. And to be honest, at the time I did not understand why people even like it. Art style of One Piece, when I was seeing it on static pictures, used to not impress me at all. And I used to find the character designs being anything, but in my taste. Not to mention that the all the villains look comical.

Well, as the time passed I got used to the weird art style of this anime and it became obvious to me that there is something in this anime, otherwise people wouldn't go for it as the do.

And now when I watched the first episode, I start to understand what people find in this show.

First of all, Luffy. I haven't seen much of him yet, but even in this one episode he made me like him. That is much more than I can say for most of the characters from the current anime I am watching. And I don't even know why he is so likable. Great work of his voice actor played some role here, that is for sure.

Second, here is the atmosphere. Again, I don't know whatis so special about it. I have seen other anime do see and ships, but well, One Piece does it in some special way that makes me like it. Maybe it is just the first episode, I donno.

And the last thing is the promise of something good next time. For example, I am interested to see this girl in action:

Now about the villains. Or, rather, the villain. Her character design doesn't make you feel anything close to fear or respect. And it is fine for the first opponent that Luffy encounters, but if it goes on the same way, I wouldn't be happy with that.

But I must say, on the static picture it looks much worse than in the actual anime, for some reason.

Now I am going to watch at least two more episodes of this show and then write what I think of it, if my opinion changes. See you then (^^)/

Here is my "Take a peek" list:

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* MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM (done - , )

* D.GRAY-MAN (done - , )

* One Piece

* Legend of the Galactic Heroes

* Prince of Tennis

* Dragon Ball

* Pokemon

* Sailor Moon

* Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

* Dragon Ball Z

* Gintama

* Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Here is what all this thing is about:

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