Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Entertainment Top 5 for 7/7-7/13: Hunter x Hunter, Blake Shelton, and more!

1. Hunter x Hunter- Yes, I'm an anime fan. Get over it. I've seen a few different anime series and the best way to impress me is to give me some action right in the beginning (although, I have to say that no anime does this better than Attack on Titan. You want to see some shizz go down fast? Just watch that. By episode 5 you won't be able to pick your jaw up off the floor). I don't want to mess around with basic character development (cough, Naruto, cough).Hunter x Hunter has thus far been quite solid. I'd probably put it in my top 5.The main character, Gon, while at first was a little on the annoying side (I think it's the voice actor) has started to really impress me with his blatant honesty and his potential . The supporting characters (particularly Killua and Kurapika) are phenomenal and the plot is captivating. I highly recommend it if you are looking for something to watch. To say that I was sad when I finally caught up is an understatement.I want more now. I'M SO IMPATIENT!

2. I think this video pretty much speaks for itself.

3. This singer's voice and the tone of this song caught my attention because of how different it is from other K-Pop.I'm really into it.

4. Dexter- Another show that doesn't screw around. The season premiere was good.I wasn't sure where it was going to head after last season's finale, but I like the direction they are taking it, clearly reminding the audience that regardless of the nature of his targeted victims, Dexter is still a serial killer. I will be devastated once this series ends after this season.

5. I'm simply including this one because, well, I can't stop singing "Bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt".
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