Friday, July 5, 2013

By: Ethologist

Personally, I am looking forward to this show. Looks like it will offer a different perspective to the topic than past programs, that have covered similar topics. Also, the host seems very interesting and entertaining.
A fair amount have people on Cryptomundo in the past have made comments about certain cryptid related programs not effectively looking for/finding new species or evidence. I feel like that is a pointless argument on how good/or not so good a show is. I would never expect any of these shows to reveal anything completely new, that is not a television show’s purpose. They have a very low chance of discovering any new species (or rare species evidence/ sign), cryptid or not. That is through no fault of the television program’s crew though. All television shows are done in a format to create entertainment, not discover new species. That said, I do expect a show such as this to be very educational, while it also maintains high entertainment value. I really enjoy the show “River Monsters”. In my opinion, that program provides everything to look for in a history/natgeo/discovery type program. I hope this upcoming “Beast Hunter” show follows a similar vein: firsthand expeditions/adventure, that have a lot of educational content and still keep entertainment value.
Not saying the above to rag on people here, who do criticize such program’s for said reason. Just hoping future programs don’t get unfairly criticized for unrealistic expectations. Because that is what I imagined would be the first critique of the show after it is aired.
Side note: I wonder how he learned that Charles Fort was his great uncle?

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