Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Films I'll Likely See at JFFSF 2013

I've been to New People Cinema (formerly Viz Cinema) of since it opened 4 years ago but not in a film festival setting like there will be when the inaugural kicks off in later this month in conjunction with the 5th annual in Japantown.

The theatre in the New People Center has been a venue for recent film festivals including the , , and the (New People was the festival hub) but I believe this is the first time it is solely hosting such an event.

I'll only be able to go on the weekends so that limits what I'm able to see out of what's being shown. However, I should still be able to at least take in three films I've been looking forward to - , , and .

I saw Eva 2.0 at New People in January 2011 and seemed to really enjoy it so I'm interested in the next stage of the Rebuild saga.

About Hunter x Hunter, I watched up to the start of the Bisky training part of the Greed Island arc in the current remake series so I think I have enough knowledge to be able to get into Phantom Rouge.

On Wolf Children, I liked director Mamoru Hosoda's previous two efforts - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars - on my first viewings of each. (I own both on home video but haven't re-watched them and I'm thinking I might not like the first film as much on a re-watch.)

The other film I would like to see from the festival is the documentary , which will feature a Q&A session with architect Kyohei Sakaguchi. However, that film's current showtime conflicts with Kintoki-Con, a local convention that I'll likely attend for an afternoon more in order to see some friends than for the content of the con, so I will probably miss that screening. (It seems that the film is currentlyon an online film festival website so I might end up watching it that way.)
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