Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cosfest XII

Cosfest 2013 is over.. The best event I've attended yet-- in terms of the quality, variety and choice of cosplay I saw over the two days and my learning experience. Taking the time off my psp to type a full recount because I want to record the experience down properly.

Initially I had 2 costumes, one for each day of the festival. Was rushing them up to the day before the event before I checked the facebook group post and realised that the Hunter X Hunter team on sunday had been postponed.

Well.. honestly it was a rather irresponsible of the team leader to not announce the news separately in a new post but I understand that he was caught up in the WCS so all it's ok~

Could have saved me a lot of stress though :( because I was really dreading Hisoka and lost sleep trying to rush out his arm bands and styling the hair. I still don't look good for Hisoka, probably the wig's fault :/ At least i'm done for his costume minus the lower arm bands.. might get a new wig too.

So I arrived at the chalet on saturday morning and did up the make up Also helped another team mate with hers yay. It was the first time I did my make up without my big house mirror and I took my own sweet time. I actually messed up on my eyeshadow because I used the wrong colours and used my eyebrow brush for the purple, making my eye make up look darker than I wanted. Lashes went on ok and I didn't put on lower lashes.

I was in full costume when i first set off to the event grounds with part of the team. Could not make it out of the chalet area -- it was next to impossible to cover much distance in that mermaid tail. In the end I hobbled back to the chalet and changed back into my shorts. Some team mates were still there and I stayed a while longer to help as much as I could with their costumes and wigs. Then I set off before them because I still needed to change.

When I finally changed into the tail, it attracted an auntie's attention in the toilet.She asked which country I was from, followed me out and literally stared in horror at my inability to walk :(((((((( omg I was drawing stares from everyone along the way not because my cosplay was awesome/beautiful but because I was brisk shuffling. Super embarrassing....

I totally regretted changing into the tail at that toilet because it was still a short distance from the actual place... I miscalculated haha. The funniest thing was that Ibumped into the rest of the team whom I left behind at the chalet and they laughed so loudly when they saw me LOL quite glad they caught up because it was much less embarrassing when I was with them.

My team mates later told me it was the cutest sight to see my curly wig bounce with every shuffle XD I wish I saw it.

Long story short, I had to shuffle in small steps everywhere. When I saw a cosplay I wanted to take photos of, I had to painfully shuffle over and ask for a photo. Thus every photo I took on the first day was the result of my hard work and aching calf muscles.

I might have been wearing relatively little clothes but boy was it hot... Can only imagine how the rest of the team felt in their wings and gowns OTLTook photo with my Sano dono ^^ very nice of her to put her arms around my shoulders without having to ask. Ahhh my fangirl heart XD

There was DRAMAtical Murder as well! In total I saw 2 Aoba, 2 Noiz, 1 Clear and 1 Koujaku. I heard there was a hot Mink but didn't see him ;;

At night I had expensive chicken rice, macs vanilla cone and kfc supper cheese fries wheeee. Also managed to catch the 1st episode of Free! at the chalet. Squealed like nobody's business. I barely had time to watch any anime the past week cos was too busy XX

Day2 was relaxing for me. As relaxing as it can get because honestly I could not forget about my lab presentation the next day and I had planned to go home early since I wasn't going to cosplay anyway. The highlight of the day was to see the X team.

It was all I could talk about the night before LOL and I was like: Omy I might see Kamui and my X guys later, what should I wear 8D

Bimbo ttm but yes I was that excited and hopeful.

Was kinda saikang warrioring for yifen and andy as Sakura and Syaoran but I was super distracted, kept looking around in hope of seeing the X team hehe

Needless to say I was extremely disappointed when I didn't see them. Went back to the chalet to get my belongings and returned to the event grounds to return the key to Yifen when I saw the Clover team:They were swarmed by photogs and I waited patiently until I got to them TT was crying tears of happiness in my heart. I told them that I was really happy to see a clover team and that they did a great job. Then I saw more members of the Clover team and I was clutching at my chest to keep my feels at bay.

ASDFGHJKLKLASDKJHASDJHGLAKSDHLASKJDHLAKJSH they recruited a pair of twins to cos A and B. LOVELY i spotted the twins walking around previously and was staring at them because they seemed clamp-like but they were not Kamui and Fuuma so I didn't pursue it. When I saw Sue and Ora, things started falling in place TT no idea how to describe my feelings

Finally met Yifen to pass the keys and when I went to check on the clover team again, my dream came true..

I saw a pair of figures clad in red jackets and holding swords. I ran up to them and made eye contact with Kamui. He has lovely blue eyes.Fuuma was busy so I took solo shots of Kamui my love. He was really sporting and asked me to wait so he could give me his coscard.

Fuuma walked up, I stared at him and his earring hanging so alluringly from his ear. The only thought which flashed repeatedly through my mind was 'Hot stuff''

"Fuuma?"Fuuma smiled "Ahh yes!""I've waited so long for the both of you" T ^T

The last photo below is a bonus, I never intended to take a photo with them because I was already saturated with happiness to see them and take photos. Also I was dressed down, looked really red/black faced because I was running around, so excited and the weather was boiling. Then Andy asked why I didn't ask for a photo with them and before I could state my reasons, he went up to them, leaving me gaping and flailing my hands at his retreating back. I didn't know what he said but Kamui and Fuuma turned to smile at me. Everything was a blur, I found out that Fuuma was from Australia though. Before we could take a photo, Fuuma had to answer a call, then Kamui received a call too so I was standing between them blushing hahaha and then this :))Fuuma also had his arm around my shoulders though you can't see it here ^^ this photo really made my day, or possibly even my week. It's now my iphone lock screen.

I received both their coscards. Was really paiseh that I didn't have one to exchange. Should really consider making one hmm.. Never thought that this day would come ahaha it's a good thing I guess!

After I left, KaiLin sent me a photo of another X team, the one I was waiting for. I regretted leaving early of course but just seeing the photo above put me in an unbelievably good mood again. I will settle for photos ^^

Ending off with a loving photo of Yifen and Andy ~~

In all, cosfest XII with the CCS team was a great experience! I was hesitant when I agreed to join this group, mostly because I was not interested in the character nor the series but I agreed in the end because I knew that I would learn a lot from being in such a big team with many excellent cosplayers. I was right :'D
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