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Spring 2013 Episode Rankings

No major changes to my personal rankings this week, with only one series moving more than three places up or down. There's been very little change at the top of the rankings all season, though there's a few series now at the bottom that I wouldn't have predicted 6-7 weeks ago. So, with few changes from last week worth talking about, I calculated thefor each series over the past 8 weeks, to see which series have moved around the most overall.

Yeah, I'm just that bored. But if you're reading this blog post, you can hardly talk.

I can't wait to see how they explain this one. Though they probably won't for a while, since they know little about regular Titans as it is1 -

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18 - (7)Not sure I'll be able to look at a rabbit in the same way again for a long time


Unsurprisingly, the show that's bounced up and down the most this season is HUNTER X HUNTER, placing third in Week 1 with the strong ending of the Greed Island arc, plummeting into the teens the week after during the transition between arcs, then recovering these last couple of weeks as the battle between the Chimera Ants and the Hunters got off to a promising start! The ants make for very interesting villains, with their hugely diverse traits and the different powers that come with them, so I like to think Hunter x Hunter will stay where it is or even creep back into the Top 5 as the arc progresses.

Another show that has moved a lot is HENTAI OUJI TO WARAWANAI NEKO, though in this case it has been a straight drop from the 5th position it held for the first two weeks down to the 14th that it placed this week - Hentai Ouji hasn't moved up once in eight weeks. I liked the first couple of episodes because the protagonist had no inhibitions, he just said whatever outrageously perverted things that came into his head. Those words, and the reactions of his classmates to them, were hilarious. Since then there has been a few different mini arcs, and a range of different 'stony cats', each with different rules, but none have been as good as the first.

Yokodera Youto: A standard deviant if I ever saw one.

Other anime with high standard deviations included KARNEVAL and RED DATA GIRL, two shows which I've discussed recently. I'd like to like them, but my enjoyment varies so much from week to week that I'm almost scared to watch the next episode, in case I'm left even more disappointed. Karneval is currently on its way up, while RDG is falling fast, but they could just as easily swap positions next week.

I'd ship it.


Regardless of how much KAKUMEIKI VALVRAVE seems to have deviated from coherent plotlines, it has yet to place lower than 4th in my rankings. Is it really good enough to warrant such consistent high scores? That's something I think long and hard about every week, before giving it the benefit of the doubt because it's just so funny. Though Valvrave may be flawed, none of those flaws has ever resulted in me being bored, which is more than can be said for a lot of other, more intelligible series.

Most of the other series with low standard deviations are concentrated around the top as I expected, but one show that's remained consistently mid-table is HYAKKA RYOURAN: SAMURAI BRIDE. No real surprises there - whether Juubei and Co. are running a maid cafe, training their qi, chasing down underwear thieves or battling Dark Samurai, it's all done in the same ridiculous, fanservice-heavy yet surprisingly stylish and well animated way!

I've always liked the idea of fans used as weapons, too!
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