Saturday, October 19, 2013

Otaku post

Hello readers, today I'm talking about anime (animated cartoons) :D, I really like it this animated series because the history of them are very freaky, funniest and some of them have a big argument behind. This passion rise when I was a little kid and I spent all my time watching the Tv Show "El club de los tigritos" (after call "Invasion"). In this Tv show I watch anime like "Doraemon", "Digimon", "Pokemon", "Slam Dunk", "Shaman King", "Hunter x Hunter", "Evangelion", etc... That was really nice time because I watch all this series after school... I'ts was a kind of relax formula.

Until this days I'm still watching anime on internet. On this days I'm watching Hunter x Hunter, one of my favorite, his argument is about a child (Gon) seeking his father (Ging) and on his way he meets 3 best friends (Killua, Kurapica and Leorio) that support him to get through different challenges. This anime like me a lot because tack about friendship and the will to make things happens. In few words, is about the determination to getting success in something that you really want. I think similar animated series are Shaman King, Doraemon, Digimon and Pokemon. In all of these, the implicit argument is "go out and make some friends, because they will help you in the future".. and that is a nice advice. As you see it, I like a lot the anime related to friendship.

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