Saturday, October 5, 2013

Really trying to commit...

I'll be returning to the States to start school in two day. Since I'm all packed, I think I should just make a quick update.

As of now, I'm sampling some Anime's. Generally watching 2-3 episodes, then deciding on which ones to continue watching. I went on an Anime watching hiatus for the past 2 years. Only recently found out there was a new Hunter x Hunter series, and started watching it.

Now that I'm completely caught up, I've decided to get back into Anime. I mean, I did watch One Piece and Naruto during my "hiatus", but I feel like there are plenty of Anime gems out there that I'm missing.

Since I'm a big fan of the "slice of life" Anime and manga type--like Yotsuba&! and Azumanga Daioh-- I've been watching Silver Spoon. I like it. It's about a city boy who runs away to study at a "Farming" High School in the suburbs because he doesn't know what to do with his life before while in hardcore prep schools. I would recommend, and I'm about seven-episodes in. ~ sadly this is also how I got my inspiration for the title of this blog :(...wish my life was as a fun as these slice of life stuff even though they're suppose to be portraying the mundane!

Reason being that I like Slice of Life comedies is because they don't need to overly complex plot, which many shows fail on delivering. (more on this later once I actually finish an Anime series in order to judge it's plot).

Also on my list are Chronicles of The Going Home Club, Dogs and Scissors, Attack on Titan and Sunday Without God.

I do watch the occasional Korean Dramas, but lately I cannot get into any. Last one I watched to completion was When a Man Loves. I loved that drama! I would say it's my favorite! I would also say Shin Se Kyung (the main female lead) redeemed herself from her poor performance (well, it was bad writing) in Fashion King. Current I am trying to get through Her Legend starring Choi Jung Won. Not too sure what's it about yet, but looks lame so far. I'll keep watching though, and give more thoughts on it when I am done.

Video games wise...since I don't have my gaming computer with me, I've been unable to play anything really. Arma III came out recently, and I will try that once I get back to the USA, but Arma II was not user friendly to newcomers like me. Hopefully Arma III will be better.

Oh, and Grand Theft Auto V is coming out. GTA is a popular and highly successful game, but since it's not on PC yet, I'll wait. I don't really play my PS3 that often anyway.

...~ Yup...hopefully this blog isn't just a three week thing before I get bored. I have no experience with blogging, and getting a grip on using this blogger thing.
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