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Dragonball, Naruto, and One Piece at Shonen Jump's J-World Theme Park in Ikebukuro

During the summer of 2012 a brand new indoor theme park opened up at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro Tokyo.It looks like Bandai/Namco run this property that is all about the Weekly Shonen Jump characters that have helped make anime and manga famous around the world.

Major attractions include themed areas with rides/activities forOne Piece, Naruto, and Dragonball.Entrance is 1300 yen for adults and 1000 yen for children at opening and some rides look like they cost extra.I haven't been there myself, but might pop in for a look see the next time I'm in town.This amusement park occupies the third floor of the Import Mart building there and here is just a brief rundown on the various attractions.

* The One Piece Zone has a ride in the Mini Merry or Shark Submerge through some sets and projected environments along with a carousel ride with the characters from the show.

* The Naruto Zone has a Ninja Maze.

* The Dragonball Zone has a find the hidden dragons and a do the Kamehameha power attack first person game.

* A Heroes Arena featuring many small attractions from Gintama, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, and more.

* A large game center with UFO catchers and other games like skeeball, etc.

* The massive gift shop of themed merchandise that the Japanese and Disney are so good at doing.You never leave without getting something.

* A food court with lots of themed food based on the franchises and characters.

For some articles about the hits of Shonen Jump:I have compiled a list of locations of interest for Ikebukuro below and you can see a guide and the locations on the map if you click through.

View in a larger map

While Sunshine City is not the newest mall out there, this mall has long legs and has many attractions that will grab your attention such as a skyscraper with a viewing deck, an aquarium, a planetarium, and several theme parks.All of this is located near the Animate flagship store, a Gamers, Otome Road, a Tokyu Hands, and a bustling district full of shopping and dining.I like Ikebukuro, but it is a little further out in Tokyo from many of the other attaractions (still accessible on the Yamanote Line though)..
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