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Naruto Shippuuden 335 October 24, 2013 Naruto Manga 651 October 16, 2013 Bleach 367 is unknown

Naruto Shippuuden 335 October 24, 2013 Naruto Manga 651 October 16, 2013 Bleach 367 is unknown - when? (Broadcast suspended) Bleach Manga 553 October 16, 2013 Fairy Tail 176 is unknown - when? (Broadcast suspended) Fairy Tail Manga 356 October smurf village game 18, 2013 One Piece 617 October 20, 2013 One Piece Manga 725 October 16, 2013 Hunter X Hunter 100 15-16 October smurf village game 2013 Kuroko's Basketball 3 October 20, 2013 Avatar: The Legend of Korra July 192013 - ------------------------------- Full Schedule

The remaining friends

Naruto shippuuden 216, download and watch here Madara exasperated look at the corpse in front of him Danzo. Laboratory chapter Akatsuki smurf village game was immersed in gloom. Only a strange greenish capacity emitted a dim light, giving the situation is even more depressing view. In containers floating eyes - even from a distance they could learn the Sharingan. Madara glorious collection gathered over 400 years of his mysterious life! But now Sasuke was extremely dissatisfied. -Danzo was able to destroy the Sharingan Shisu before his death,

that it! Indeed,

now the old man's dead body was completely useless. Madara wearily took off his mask, moving away from the operating table. Okay, this has nothing to be done ... but before the war it would be a good idea to stock up on another pair of eyes, a much more powerful. Namely, rinneganom Nagato! That's just get it will not be easy ... Emerged in the middle of the room interrupted Seetzen reflection of the former head of Uchiha. He commanded man to keep an eye on the plant-Sasuke. And it looks like the young renegade problems ... Rasengan and Chidori pushed each other, as unipolar magnets. The strange effect of these two techniques. Naruto and Sasuke flew away, like splinters. Naruto caught in time Kakashi and Sasuke was withheld from falling Seetzen. And here they are again faced each other, each full of his thoughts and intentions. Naruto began to speak, and spoke confidently, smurf village game without a moment's hesitation in the right. According to one view, it was clear that the faith of the young men as strong as ever. He set a goal: by all means to return Sasuke to Hidden Leaf! He was not going to die after suffering a setback, but also kill Sasuke was not in his plans. -If we fight, then both will die, I know that. And then you stop being Sasuke, and I - Jinchuuriki Nine, and this burden will fall from our shoulders, and perhaps then, in another world, we finally understand each other! From Words Naruto shiver smurf village game ran through the skin. Sakura could not hold back tears. She could not speak, could not even move, and, as always, I felt completely useless! The only thing that took it for a courageous smurf village game kunoichi - that is to believe in both friends to the end. And then there was Madara. Materiliazovavshis out of nowhere, he quickly thwarted all attempts to battle Sasuke and gusts Seetzen capture the Nine. -We are not able to withstand the Jinchuuriki, and I do not allow anyone to fight him. This battle awaits Sasuke. I would be fun to watch them battle, but for now we have to back off. Madara has already put his hand on Sasuke's shoulder, intending to pick up the young Uchiha with him, but he pulled away. -Even if we die together,

smurf village game at first I was still going to kill you! - Angrily shouted Sasuke Naruto standing in front of him. Uzumaki only stretched his lips in his inimitable smile. -Do you remember, in the Valley of the Finality, you said that highly skilled shinobi able to read each other's minds? So, Sasuke, now you can understand what I'm thinking? Sasuke narrowed his eyes at former

teammate. Did he remained a mystery. Although it is unlikely for the great avenger of all such things mattered. Madara, Sasuke and Seetzen vanished into space, leaving an incomplete team number 7 standing in the middle of the river flow. Sakura was ready to kiss Naruto! He is not just saved her life, but also gave a new hope ... hope that Sasuke still come back .. But Naruto suddenly lurched, his face turned smurf village game blue, and the young hero began to fall directly on the water. -Sakura, you're smurf village game hooked it to their poisoned Kunai! Kakashi exclaimed, picking up Uzumaki. Kunoichi greatly embarrassed his embarrassment. Perhaps it is really just spoil everything. Meanwhile, Madara and Sasuke walked down the hallway seekers. The leader of Akatsuki saw that the young Uchiha was almost blind. -Itachi to transplant my eyes! - Sasuke demanded, grabbing his hand over his forehead. -Where are you going in such a hurry? Thoughtfully said Madara. -I need all my strength to win Naruto - Sasuke hissed. While lying on the operating table, he suddenly remembered his brother. The image of Itachi, on the orders of the top konohovskoy killed his entire clan, sharp needle pierced the heart of Sasuke. And only one thought crept into his mind: "I will avenge you, brother. I will destroy the Hidden Leaf!" Category: Retelling series Naruto | Added: Shanty smurf village game | Date: 16.06.2011 at 23:17 | Author: Shanty Views: 704 | Tags: Naruto 216 series Season 2, naruto shipuden 205, Naruto Hurricane Chronicles 216, naruto shippuuden 216 Like this? - Plyusanu! Tweet Like

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