Thursday, October 3, 2013


I couldn't sleep so I'll blog a bit on some significant events today.

I finally returned to Kickboxing after almost a month of laziness. Haha. I am more determined to lose weight this time! Tomorrow, we have badminton again so that makes it 4 badminton sessions and 1 kickboxing session in a week. That's as active as I can get.

Tonight, FR friends visited the house again to 1) cook/eat champorado (chocolate porridge) and 2) play mahjong and poker.

This is mudra after cooking champorado! It was better than expected! Haha.

Poker peeps playing in my room.

Mahjong peeps playing in the living room!

I tried my best not to eat so much, but considering I only had 1 meal today, I wasn't feeling that guilty eating a small serving of champorado and a few chips. Hahaha.

When everyone went home at around 2:30, I watched Hunter X Hunter (3 episodes) and thank goodness I'm done with the Heaven's Arena arc!! Finally I can move on with the story.

That's it. I'm calling it a night in a while!
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