Monday, October 7, 2013

On choosing and continuing anime series

I watch a lot of anime. Not as much as those people who marathon late into the night, but a good amount. After a while, you come across the problem of, do I continue to watch this? There are different ways to deal with this. Asking it in the beginning of a series, some people have a 3 episode rule, always watching the first 3 before deciding. Another is to watch the first episode, and see if theres anything you like. Often this is combined with the 3 rule. Some watch the whole series regardless, because it bothers them not to finish, or they keep saying, but it could get good. Its often a good idea to look at the review if you are in doubt. Usually the majority can tell you if its worth watching or not. But sometimes stuff you'd really like is specific to you, and most people dont think its spectacular. For me that was shows like school rumble, where I'd be laughing uncontrollably at it almost every episode. But it doesnt seem to be that way for some people. Ultimately only you know whether you'd enjoy it. Pacing is important. Some shows change pace as they catch up to their manga source. Like one piece now is 1 episode= 1 chapter. Hunter X Hunter is still at 2-3 chapters an episode. Slower can mean more in depth, more often meaning drawn out scenes, which sometimes have a bit more detail to them since the timeslot has to be filled.

Hoarding anime you are going to watch, is it a good idea? I used to think so, afraid I'd forget. But time passes, and as you go through the list sometimes you don't care about what you did before. And it gets huge. I used to have to scrap my list every year because itd get too large. Now I realize it was just a thing to give me false security that I'd remember to watch it later. If you really want to see it, I feel you'll remember. Watching anime, do you do other things at the same time? I used to, but then it was harder to judge if I really wanted to see the series or not. So now I make it full screen, and unless I have a good reason for moving to another thing, I have to scrap the series if I close the window. If I find it too boring, I throw it in a bookmark folder called revive?, and give it time. If I forget about it, then its gone.

About downloading vs streaming. Downloading is better, in terms of quailty. The option of turning the subtitles off, the often higher quailty. But you have to manage those things, and for some people it makes sense and it is worth it. I've decided it isn't for me. I trade instead, going from one anime collector to the next, trading series I picked up earlier. Less effort. I need the bandwidth for other things, and I have something against leaving my computer on all day and night. This may change someday though. I often worry that Im downloading a series I'm just going to drop in 3 episodes.

Starting anime. The first episode rule. See how big the series is. By watching that first episode, you're opening yourself up to watching every other episode in existence. Maybe the manga, visual novels, light novels, and video games too. Its easy to resist until you know it. Using one piece as an example, I wonder how many people got hooked on the first few episodes recently, and one day realized they had another 600 to go. And likely, they'd end up watching that 600.

Sometimes its good to just watch a random series you've never heard of. Some of the best ones I've seen came up this way. It allows you to reach anime you wouldnt think of on your own, or wouldnt get recommended to you. To a point you could probably apply these to IRL problems.
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