Thursday, October 24, 2013

Updates & Some Chit Chats

My last update was in August! That's how time flies! In between August and October, loads of stuff had happened. I'm away from home most days of the week for work and some of my family members are facing health scares so much time was spent taking care/paying attention to them when I'm home. It's like I totally understand how sometimes people - even huge anime fans - would slipped behind a few months because there are so much things going on.

Sometimes, just sometimes, other things take precedence over hobbies.

What has happened to me in terms of anime? This blog is about anime, so obviously we're talking about that. Right? In case you're wondering, I'm still watching anime. As I mentioned in a , I've found a certain rhythm I'm okay with in terms of watching anime.

Lets talk about last season, shall we? To be honest, I'm not following too many titles this season. In fact, I think I only have on my list. I like and , but not enough to follow the series this season. In return for only adding one series to my plate, I stay quite updated on long-running shows such as One Piece, Naruto and Hunter X Hunter.

Okay, main point - last season. My favorite series from last season is , for its simplicity and thoughtful direction, especially touching on personal issues some of us struggle with on daily basis or from time to time. It's relate-able, it's easy understand and to see from Hachiken's perspective.

In terms of memorable though, as in series I'm most likely to recall easily in the future, is . I like the action, the setting well, I think I just like to see how they're jumping and running on rooftops. >.< Did I mention about the OP songs? I clearly remembered how I was hooked on the series - the OP song at the first episode. The energy and urgency of the song sort of brought up the flavors of the series. Get what I mean? Too bad the series ended just when things got a little more interesting. It's a shame, but no worries for they surely will be back soon. C'mon, the series is immensely popular how can it not have a second season?

was soothing as expected. While it centered around Potte trying to start and manage a photography club, it still did not go far from the main essence of the series - which is for Potte to learn more about her late father through connections he had left behind and photography.

I have yet to complete Monogatari series, but I intend to by the end of the year. I did manage to complete , which I'm a bit disappointed with. I like the whole guess-who's-the-villain thing, but somehow, each case left me wanting a little bit more. A little bit more mystery, a little bit more challenge, a little bit more complexity. It's still okay, just thought it could've been better.

The only series I have mixed feelings about is . I don't think I like it, but at the same time I don't think I hate it. It's meh. However, if there's a second season, I might actually pick it up. See, it's not bad because it's not very heavy to consume and it can be really fun to watch. It's not good because it's not the kind of sports anime I had hoped for (is this even a valid reason?). So there you have it, not sure where I'm standing with this title, really.

Hmmm I think that's all from me for now. I do have a draft I'm working on, but it was abandoned when other stuff creep in. Who knows I might just finish that post soon. Until then, see ya!
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