Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Thoughts About: Magi The Labyrinth of Magic

I just finished watching this awesome anime series yesterday and I can't really properly say how much I enjoyed it! It's been a while since I was able to find an anime that I marathon-ed within two days just to finish. Magi is a story about the adventures of two friends, Aladdin and Alibaba. I love that the series shows the importance of unconditionalfriendship and unfaltering loyalty. The story tells us the many destinies changed and created by the bonds formed by these two. Although the story offers excitement and sometimes laughter to people, it also has its own fair share of darkness caused by poverty and injustice that is being experienced by people from different countries. This anime reminded me so much of various anime series that I grew up watching and loving like Hunter X Hunter, Fairy Tail and a bit of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Aladdin and Alibaba's friendship reminded me so much of Gon and Killua's from HxH. They travel together in their many adventures and depended on each other while facing obstacles on their travels. In my opinion, Aladdin is very similar to Gon especially their kindness and naivety. They both appear as their partners' strength and guide in times of confusion and weakness. Although Alibaba's a bit different from Killua's personality, they are similar in the sense of wanting to protect and be with their friend. Also, the constant use of fire and ice magic reminded me so much of Fairy Tail. Judal, one of the magi(s), appeared a lot similar to Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster and Midnight. Judal is the one in the far left, Midnght is the one in the middle and Gray is in the far right. They kinda look similar, ne?

I did say that this anime also reminded me a bit of Shingeki no KyoDjinn. xD and it is because of this. The djinns are like titans because of their enormous size and strength but personally, I believe djinns are more useful and of course friendly compared to the titans. They're also cuter too. Look at Ugo-kun. What a kawaii face he has. xD

And another reason why I love this anime so much is because I ship the main characters with each other (with the exception of Aladdin). Morgiana is soooo adorable especially when she pouts and supposedly blushes because of Alibaba. xD I hope the pairing can be canon in the future. xD

So overall, I really liked this series. The battles weren't really exceptional but the story is well told. I cannot wait for the second season. ;)
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